Partisanship: The Tool for Dismantling Liberties


Take into consideration the revelations of the last few months and ask yourself: How crazy do Alex Jones, David Icke and G. Edward Griffin seem now? Major media titans have been telling us individuals like the Pauls  are paranoid drama queens for saying the government and its many overreaching tentacles are playing out 1984  (as a friend of mine hilariously stated,” I’m in this room and I don’t even care what you’re saying.”). Watch the Edward Snowden interview (if you haven’t already) and then recall the AP record seizure scandal, top it off with a little IRS partisan targeting, and tell me who the fools really are. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/09/edward-snowden-nsa-whistleblower-surveillance_

The President isn’t denying anything this time. And, for once, he didn’t just find out the NSA surveillance details when everyone else did. But we are being told the same thing we’ve heard for over a decade: there are certain privileges and freedoms we have to renounce if we want to be safe. There are bad people out there with the capability to hurt us like never before and everyone must be watched, but only the bad guys have something to worry about.


To be honest, I don’t know where to start. I do believe certain dictators are, in fact, the maniacs major media has portrayed them to be. I have a missionary acquaintance who goes deep inside Middle Eastern countries. She has told me horror stories about certain Middle Eastern tyrants and the country’s laws in general, what happens to people who don’t capitulate to certain beliefs. These same tyrants who do terrible things to their own people are often involved in supporting outward missions of the same nature. I really do believe Americans are targets of terror plots. I also believe domestic terrorism is real; I think there are overzealous maniacs who want to hurt people just for being a certain skin color, as there are maniacs who want to eradicate people who “kill” plants. The question we have to ask ourselves is: Is a world without privacy the only civilized option? 

Many would answer “yes” and finish watching their episode of Jersey Shore. I, on the other hand, am easier to please. I would be happy if people simply joined the conversation. I know exactly three people who take this topic seriously. Everybody else is busy posting Instagram pictures of their food or jokes made by animals with thought bubbles above their heads, on Facebook.

In the interview with The Guardian Edward Snowden- the whistleblower-  said his worst fear is that “nothing will change.” He’s a smart man. I think the reason we are in the shape we are fiscally, intellectually, and physically is because Americans have been rendered mentally numb, politically apathetic, and/or blinded by partisanship. Nobody cares. It’s too much work and too confusing. And if people care, it’s usually a team attitude.

Is it possible to  attain a balance of safety and privacy? I have no doubt in my mind we can. But that doesn’t matter right now because there aren’t enough pissed-off people calling their Reps and Senators demanding a change. And should enough people ever awaken from their slumber of complacency, the peoples’ desires will get all jacked and mangled up into a hodgepodge of he-said she-said partisan nonsense by the media giants who have nothing to gain from an informed and united public. It’s the reason certain agricultural behemoths like Monsanto have become the industry bully and the second greatest poison dispenser in the U.S.; apparently, making cheap food chockfull of toxic chemicals and bullying small farmers out of business is a partisan issue. Only Democrats think we should have healthy food and enough of it. Ridding ourselves of a Department of Education who has not improved one thing in U.S education since being formed (in fact, our education system only gets worse) is somehow also a partisan issue; it’s the Republican way of keeping the poor man down. Protecting the environment is a Democratic agenda, as it seems Republicans have no interest in preserving the trees responsible for our oxygen nor did it ever cross their minds there exist environmental issues that have nothing to do with oil. Free speech and the freedom to believe whatever you want without being labeled a “hate group” has also become a partisan issue. Such a freedom only applies to those who don’t espouse Judeo-Christian beliefs; there are no atheist, or homosexual-condoning high schoolers getting kicked out of class.

Nothing will get done until the partisan fog lifts off our minds and we learn to think. Everyone wins when healthy food is readily available at competing prices. Everyone wins when the state and local communities have control of the local schools. Everybody wins when the biological system is in balance. Does anyone understand that?


At some point- if you haven’t already- you’re going to say something that, when taken out of context, will be enough to be effectively used against you in court. You will wish you cared more about privacy when  you become the fall guy for some wacky government cover-up ( I have confidence the preceding months of scandals have opened enough minds to consider such a scenario completely plausible… or am I going too far?).

If nothing changes as a result of this gift in the form of one Edward Snowden, it simply implies that Americans don’t deserve freedom. A people who can’t think outside what they are told, a people unable to analyze the evidence and take proper action- pushing through the resistance of the same ‘ol establishment- deserve an end of which we have only seen the beginning of.



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