Liberal Ideology: A Societal Disease


There are three main reasons I could never support the Democratic party.

For some of you this may be a no-brainer and three may seem like the tip of the iceberg, but the Democrat ideals are not without their virtues. For example, there’s the environmental focus, which I think is completely sensible (why in the world would you not want to preserve and take care of our biological system? Are you not a fan of air and clean water?).  Then there’s the 400 to 1 ratio of what certain CEO’s make in comparison to the average employee, indicative of something awfully raunchy. (Really, he does 400 times the work? For an enterprise he didn’t even start? Get real.)


The first reason I could never support the Democrat party is because they ferociously support murder. Just days ago Texas passed a law that said it was illegal to abort a baby after twenty weeks. Texas Democrats went nuts! I know people like to make the abortion dialogue complicated, but twenty weeks is past the conversation of “When does conception began?” The baby is conceived. You can get a picture of him … because he’s there, moving and stuff, like living things have a tendency to do. And by the way, the slogan The War on Women is one of the most ridiculously deceptive and illogically over-dramatic catch phrases. (Really? War? Is someone threatening your life? Is someone prohibiting you from working, voting, communicating, walking in public, dressing how you want; from being educated? You have the gal to compare being disallowed to kill a twenty-week baby with living in Iran and being prohibited from being a human being? ).


Secondly, Democrats support “gay marriage.” I know the supporters of “gay marriage” like to compare the battle to that of the civil rights movement, but such a notion is nonsense. Can a black man experiment with being black and then decide it’s not for him? Could a black woman have hidden her blackness? Did any black person ever decide he was no longer black after being black his college years?

Gay marriage is an oxymoron. Innate in the definition of marriage is that the union is between a man and a woman. You could call it gay shacking, gay partnering, gay coupling, two gay people living and loving it, but it can’t be marriage. Simply put, gay marriage goes against nature and the way God designed things to be. I’m not saying it’s as simple as everyone who’s gay waking up and deciding not to be gay. I’m saying it’s a sin, just like having sex outside of marriage is, like getting drunk is; it’s a sin just like worshipping money is. It’s wrong, and it makes a society less ethical and weaker for it.


My last reason for why I think Democrat ideals are a disease to society regards an epidemic that has directly influenced the last two. It is also one the Democrat party has not been alone in perpetuating; it has, indeed, had plenty of assistance from Republicans.

The Democrat party leads the way when it comes to creating the welfare state.  One of the main deterrents for the recipients of government assistance to get married is their fear of falling deeper into poverty. Most poor single moms will tell you,” I can’t have a man in the house or they’ll stop sending me my check.” Here’s what happens when there’s no man in the house. These numbers are from the Department of Justice.

 The following statistics take place in fatherless homes: 63% of youth runaways; 71% of high school dropouts; 75% of teens in jail; 85% of rapists come from fatherless homes. Those in fatherless homes are twice as likely to drop out and 11 times more likely to be violent; 80% of adolescents in psychiatric wards; 3 of 4 suicides. Girls in fatherless homes are 164% more likely to become pregnant before marriage; 92% more likely to get a divorce; a girl without a father has a 900% more likely to get raped.

You know how they decide where and what size prisons to build? By taking a census of the amount of homes without a father?

Men are the culture leaders, the culture builders. When they’re not there, everything goes to shit. Men need to be influenced by other strong men; nothing has the positive impact a strong male role model does.  When there’s no man in the home, there’s no one to chase the losers out of the lives of our daughters; there’s no one to show our boys how to work hard and fight for what’s important, to tell them why it’s important to use your mind; there’s no one to love and cherish our women as they deal with the excruciating tasks of being a mother and working. Men are called to love, serve, and protect women and children. There’s no replacement for it.

But that doesn’t mean someone’s not trying…

The State wants to be your daddy. From cradle to grave, daddy State wants to take care of you. All you have to do is become subservient and dependent on Daddy State. Would you like to know what it looks like once daddy State has been in the house for a while? Go to downtown Detroit, or Southside Chicago. That’s what it looks like when fathers are encouraged to stay away, to never grow up and just be boys who can shave.

Liberal ideology is a disease. It will decrepit society, it will make man what he wasn’t made to me: helpless, unproductive, and ignorant.


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