Huff Post Religious Leader Columnist Deems Shutdown Immoral


Nobody is as good as the Huffington Post at finding a religious leader to express WHATEVER it is they want to project at the time . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-wallis/why-the-government-shutdo_b_4038418.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false#sb=3832320b=facebook They know how to cover their basis.

This time, the newspaper I read the most (I wish conservatives had something as good as Huff Post) has found a religious leader who says the government shutdown is unbiblical, immoral. His grounds for this premise is based on Bible texts which say government has been instituted to care for the poor and to carry out justice. This of course, is what our government’t is trying to do, he says. The problem is the shutdown caused by the evil GOP and their even more evil constituents is preventing our noble government from feeding the poor and carrying out justice for the downtrodden.

What amazes me is how this religious leader has been able to stupidly overlook the no-man-in-the-house rule liberal government gave to the poor when they started housing projects over a half-century ago, which is still enforced to this day. It’s not as if having a complete family- especially a father in the home- has anything to do with poverty, right? It’s not as if crime and lack of parents have no correlation. Our religious leader makes no mention, of course, of justice for the unborn, the murdered- or aborted- an  injustice against the formed and voiceless that liberalism will fight tooth and nail to perpetuate. Our faithful religious columnist made no mention of the bias against creationism or biblical values that this government encourages by the tentacle of the education system. We teach kids that truth and consequences are subjective. Then they shoot boatloads of people and we wonder why?

Unfortunately, many people will read his drivel and not think twice to question it. Many people will actually think that the most immoral thing we can do is what’s happened the last couple of days.


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