Real-Life Democrat Excuses Obamacare with Bush Iraq War




As Americans, we are  to have faith in the “common man.”William Buckley said , “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.” President Truman, much perceived as one of the commonest big-stage presidents, always touted his faith in the people. (His faith paid off. He beat Dewey in a reelection campaign he was supposed to lose so bad he would be eating grass by midnight).

I, however, am losing faith in the common American.


My co-workers and I were chit-chatting at the company barbecue. The topic of the sham that is Obamacare came up. Someone mentioned how ridiculous it is to have spent over half a billion dollars on something that does not work. The one Democrat in the room took the statement personal. His response to the Oshamacare price sticker and the fact that it doesn’t work was an informing of the Bush Iraq war and that, it too, was expensive. (I assume that somewhere in between the audible drivel my co-worker was spewing, it was implied that the Iraq War also didn’t work.)

Can you see why I’m starting to lose faith in the common American?

If you are trolling around and you have used Bush as an excuse for any of Oshamacare’s downfalls, allow me to inform you how reality functions.

Pretend you are  a defensive end on a football team. Pretend you don’t like the quarterback because everyone on defense hates quarterbacks from Texas and their accents. Now, let’s say Texas quarterback gets canned and you’re elated. You put in a good word for the next guy, a quarterback from Hawaii U, a chap who did fairly well his freshman year and went straight to the pros afterwards.

Now, let’s pretend it’s seasons later and the team sucks worse. The quarterback from Hawaii U is throwing record  interceptions and he never gets rid of the ball on time. Plus it appears he may be a pathological liar, which does not bode well when going out with him because he never picks up the tab like he claims he will at the beginning of the night.  In a fit of passion someone bursts out in a team meeting that “Hawaii U Guy sucks. He needs to go!” He can’t throw straight and he insists on setting up camp in the pocket, the enraged receiver says. Now you, as the leader of the defense, feel you must stand up for Hawaii U Guy. After all, you vouched for him. Team be damned, you can’t look like a fool. ” Yeah, well how many interceptions did Texas QB throw?” you ask.

This fictitious conversation is exactly what anyone who defends Oshamacare by deferring to anything related to Bush or Republicans sounds like.

What cock-a-me logic convinces a grown man to think that one buffoonerie is canceled out by another? Life does not work that way. One dumb move (supposedly) does not cancel out or excuse a monstrous circus-like pyramid collapse. That’s not how life works. If your roommate’s friend defecates on your kitchen floor and then your friend burns down the living room, would you stand up for your friend by reminding your roommate about how his friend shit on the kitchen floor five years ago?

Folks, this is who’s voting. The worse part is there are people dumber than this who vote… like those who think free stuff is actually free.

Defending Obama is like trying to put out a fire by throwing poo at it. It just goes to show what you know about poo. Stop playing with poo and get rid of the guy from Hawaii.

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