The Weakling



The weakling is a victim. He cries a lot and blames others for his misfortune. Inversely, you will notice that the weakling rarely accepts responsibility for his troubles but is quick to brag on himself should there be something rosey he has done and not enough people have lathered him with praise for it. Speaking of, the weakling feeds on the praise of others but is not very receptive to criticism.

The weakling is quick to look and point out the flaws in others but- obviously- has not a clue about the patch on his right eye or the fortress of wax in his left ear.

He is always lamenting over the wrongs and injustices in his, but especially, in the lives of others. He is quick to blame the government, or people better off than himself, for all the poverty and ignorance in the world, as well as his. He blames “predatory” credit company policies for his outrageous spending habits, and inanimate objects- such as guns and cars- for the death of others. He is quick to scoff at the success of others and even speedier to attribute it to sinister means.

The weakling is quick to advocate a new idea, or jump into a project, and just as quick to bail when the going gets tough. He is impulsive and always looking for a quick fix. He is constantly under the impression that purchasing something will solve a problem in his life that is completely unrelated to anything material. He has the self-discipline of a jack rabbit and the reasoning abilities of a cucumber.

The weakling is ineptly versed on the human condition, or for that matter, history. He has no idea who to do business and life with and who to keep at a distance. He has only a slight glimpse into the reason for his failed relationships or his flawed ideas. He has no idea how to separate the talk from the walk and conclude the recipe of the pudding.

His goals are usually motivated by status or desired feelings, therefore making him oblivious to the way he was made to function. It doesn’t help that the weakling is usually surrounded by others alike, which, consequently, further reinforces his ignorant ways. Speaking of others, not only is the weakling very influenced by the suggestion of others, but his entire mood and spiritual well-being is based on what he believes others think of him. A single derogatory comment from a complete stranger can ruin his day.

The weakling is lazy and has a barrel of excuses for all his laziness and physical ailments, none of which have anything to do with how he prioritizes his time or what he eats… or doesn’t, for that matter.

He is weak and incapable because he chooses to be. He can’t stand the independent and strong-willed.

You’ll find that the weakling is oftentimes compassionate, maybe to the point of detriment to himself or those closest to him. He is generous in feeling and very liberal if there is material other than his to be given. The weakling is very benevolent with other’s things and money. He thinks you should give more and receive less simply because you have more than him. That, of course, only applies as long as he is on the bottom. Once he rises- should he rise- he is greedy and reckless, and would love nothing more than to have total control over your life.


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