Another Flawed Liberal Assumption



A co-worker was shocked to hear I was a Republican. “But you’re poor!” she incredulously exclaimed.

At first, I almost started to clarify my stance. I am a conservative, I wanted to tell her. But the context didn’t  allow for elaboration.

I used to think I was a Libertarian. But then I attended several Libertarian meetings. I don’t  see how you can separate the ideals and morals of a society from its laws. Libertarians seem to think you can.

My co-worker’s surprise implies that she believes it is the fault of Republican’s that I am poor. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into this.  If you’re poor you must be a Democrat. It seems to be a universal law related to that of gravity.

Despite my colleague’s insistence that I– like all poor people– am a victim of greedy, conniving Republican politics, it simply isn’t true.

I am poor by choice.

When I was in high school I clowned around and decided being cool and high was more important than being responsible and conscientious of my future. I went to one of the best high schools in Georgia. My teachers inquired into my interests and begged me repeatedly to see a guidance counselor.  One poor teacher even made an appointment for me.

But I was too cool to listen.

Albeit my vagabond ways, I still managed to get the HOPE scholarship. After “taking a couple of years off,” I finally utilized it as I went to a couple of community colleges. But I had no direction and no discipline. I didn’t have a passion for anything. So I dropped out after a few years and started fixing cars. I did that for six years. But I ended up hating that too. So I hopped around a bit. Over those years I turned down multiple promotions (I even had to dismiss a suggestion for a manager position at my current job).

I realized only a few years back what it is I wanted to do for a living. I attained an online diploma and started doing it. The problem is I don’t make a lot of money doing what I love … yet. So I work part-time in the automotive industry to make up the difference.

That is the story of why I am poor. (I don’t really believe I am poor. If you want to see poor you have only to ride through the downtown slums of Atlanta, or any major U.S. city. OR, if you’d like to get the ultimate definition of poor, go to Haiti, or Guatemala, or any African city with a major population.)

Now, dear friends. Tell me how it is the Republican’s fault that I am poor? Many of my fellow countrymen came here during the 80’s and 90’s and made enormous amounts of cash. They built construction businesses of every facet and then sent their kids to law and medical schools so they will do better than them. Those kids are my generation. They did all this under a Republican President in the 80’s and a Republican Congress in the 90’s.


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