Reasoning Like Slaves



It is a well-documented fact that many of the Founding Fathers were slave owners, particularly George Washington and the main author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. For the most part that is all we know of the relationship between those two and their slaves. The tools who tout these facts repeatedly have little to gain by going into the relationship between the two Presidents and their slaves.

I recently noticed a statement in the comment section of a MEME someone had posted on a popular social website. At the top of the page was the headline PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO OWN GUNS. Underneath were pictures of Washington, James Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, Ghandi (!), and MLK Jr. Underneath the first row of pictures was another headline: PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU SHOULDN’T. That gang included King George III, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, and lastly…Barack Obama.

As I was scrolling through the arena that provided the platform for the cyber fencing, I noticed one comment in particular. The commenteer asked something along the lines of, “I wonder if Washington and Jefferson allowed their slaves to own guns…”

We don’t know the answer ( or rather I should say, “I don’t know the answer,” as I’m sure a little research could easily reveal answer to mentioned conundrum). I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the slaves were, in fact, entrusted with firearms. Both Presidents trusted the slaves immensely in their absence. In fact, they totally depended on them. (Not that it made slave owning okay.)

But let’s suppose, as our fairly illogical commenter prefers we do, that Washington and Jefferson did not allow any of their slaves anywhere near firearms.

What have you accomplished?

The entire point of the MEME was to express that the lack of firearms among civilians correlates to a tee with dictators and tyrannical governments. The slaves couldn’t own firearms- so we suppose- BECAUSE THEY WERE SLAVES, and SLAVES DON’T OWN GUNS.

This is just another example of people who can’t think infecting the world with their drivel. It’s not just random fools who think like this. Many influential students and professors spout this type of fecal matterish reasoning. They take a flaw, magnify it, and manipulate it to where an entire healthy and good premise is lost and overshadowed by said flaw. It’s like saying that Mercedes and BMW are no good cars because they’re German, the same country that brought Hitler- the most evil man in history- to prominence. I suppose that goes for German beer and bratwurst too, eh?

We have to escape the binary world we impose on ourselves. Yes, that will require a little more brain power, but it’ll be good for us.


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