Mr. Burton is an Idiot


MR.BURTON, a cheap,scheming, capitalist-hating, penny-pinching customer I had the displeasure of having to suffer yesterday, thinks democracy and capitalism are separable. He referred to capitalism as a “dog eat dog” system. He said it was very much “Darwinian.”

Professionally, Mr. Burton is not stupid. He is a software engineer. While lounging in our waiting room, he was reading a book on diet and exercise, because he’s fat. Upon my passing by, he stopped to ask me how I stay “so slim.”

“I run and stay away from processed foods and soda,” I answered, shrugging my shoulders.

I don’t need a manual to stay in shape. There are plenty of other things I want and need to know- that I’d rather spend my time reading- than those things which are common sense. Most overweight people just fess up and say they don’t have the time to get in shape, implying they know it takes exercise and shopping and cooking healthy. However, it appears to Mr. Burton, this formula has been kept a secret.

Mr. Burton, the chunky dunce, epitomizes liberals. Many liberals are very educated. Heck, they rule our universities. They can babble on about social injustices and the evils of greed, regurgitating examples and cases heard from the mouths of their flower-smelling professors, for hours on end. But then they arrive to their conclusions, the course of action that must be taken. And that’s where they loose it.  Because they lack wisdom, common sense.

How in the name of Bubbles the Monkey’s name can you separate democracy and capitalism? How can democracy thrive if the fruit of the citizen’s labor is controlled by the State? How free can you be if you can’t even attain what you’ve worked for?

The moment someone makes such a stupid remark, he must immediately be informed he is no longer among like-minded idiots. Here we like to drive by the seat of common sense and reality. I politely informed Mr. Burton why democracy cannot exist without capitalism. He proceeded to vomit typical emotional and unsubstantial, bullshit, liberal rhetoric. At that point, I told him I had to go back to work. I’d said my peace.

It is the duty of every Conservative citizen to stand up for democracy and capitalism. That’s how we take back the minds, one by one, day by day- the same way Marxist conspirators hijacked America in the first place. One by one- in your community- we need to make a stance for freedom. It may not appear like much, but if we all affect one person, we can slowly change the mental landscape.


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