An immigrant from the eastern European country of Romania, Paul arrived in the United States at the age of 8, in 1989, with his parents and three siblings. He studied psychology at Georgia Perimeter College and Automotive Technology at Gwinnett Techinical College from '00 to '04. He received a writing diploma from Long Ridge Writer's Group in 2011. His goals is to publish his first book and make a living doing what he loves, writing.


    Partisanship: The Tool for Dismantling Liberties

      Take into consideration the revelations of the last few months and ask yourself: How crazy do Alex Jones, David Icke and G. Edward Griffin seem now? Major media titans have been telling us individuals like the Pauls  are paranoid drama queens for saying the government and its many overreaching tentacles are playing out 1984  (as a friend of mine hilariously stated,” I’m in this | Read More »

    The French are Unhappy…Big Surprise

      I remember when Hollande was elected as President of France. It was a big deal because the guy’s main bag was raising taxes for the rich and giving free stuff away. I’m sure he said some other very pleasant and humanly compassionate things to make the people feel warm and fuzzy, to hope for change. Now the French are “unhappy.” So are Britons. In | Read More »

    Unintended Benefits of Obamacare

      According to various talk show hosts and columnists, one of the many consequences of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a Obamacare, is more Americans will be working part time and less will have full-time employment opportunities. It turns out that under the Affordable Care Act, employers won’t have to pay employee’s healthcare benefits unless they’re full-time employees. So,  why not have fewer full-time employees if | Read More »

    The South is Being Invaded

      First it was the Yankees, now it’s the movie industry. Georgia is being invaded. Being in the customer service industry allows me the opportunity to talk to many people. I’ve worked in Alpharetta and I currently work in Buford. Everyday I meet someone whose Yankee accent gives them away. I always ask my Yankee customers why they moved down here. The answers are always | Read More »

    The Bitter Pill of Truth

      When Melissa Harris-Perry made the following comments, the conservative airwaves lit up like an Occupy riot on speed:  “We haven’t had a very collective notion of ‘these are our children.’ So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that ‘kids belong to their parents,’ or ‘kids belong to their families,’ and recognize that kids belong to whole | Read More »

    ‘Brainwashing’ Accusations by the Brainwashed on Supreme Court Steps

      Folks, if you were worried that the upcoming generation might be a little wiser and smarter, then fear no longer. I have video proof illustrating stupidity cloaked in extreme self-belief is alive and well. The following illustrates a comical yet sad case of irony at its best… or worst, depending how you look at it. In the parenthesized video link a young lady is | Read More »

    The Asinine New York City Soda Proposal

    Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is either outrageously insane or incredibly brave (or maybe insanely brave). What’s more absurd is that 42% of polled New Yorkers- according to agree with the New York Mayor that sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces should be banned. Forty-two percent of New Yorkers ate too many paint chips when they were young. The Asinine New York City | Read More »

    “No Society Can Survive this Level of Stupidity”

      America needs a national coalition that will address and maybe even take to court all lunatics who make a mockery of reason and sanity which, as a result, ends up as a colossal misuse of taxpayer dollars and a deterioration of society as a whole. Said hypothetical coalition should go for the jugular of a staff of Maryland teachers who recently suspended a seven-year-old | Read More »

    Anger is not a Crime

    The following paragraph illustrates the level of absurdity which has been elected to represent a district of Americans: Senator  Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, believes firearm owners  who want to purchase ammunition should have to complete anger management courses every ten years in order to be able to attain said ammunition ( “This is not about guns” she said. At least she got that part right. I | Read More »

    Should Voters Be Qualified?

       If there is one thing active constituents on both sides of the political spectrum usually agree on, it is the subject of uninformed voters. Ironically, both sides think the reason the other side exists is because dumb people are allowed to vote. My suggestion then, is for Democrats and Republicans to join forces for the sake of passing laws which prevent the uninformed’s disease | Read More »