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    Green Police Super Bowl Ad – Truth is Stranger than Fiction?

    If only this commercial was a spoof on reality. Washington DC has a tax on plastic grocery bags. Many, many , many other places have similar laws In San Francisco people are required by law to compost waste and recycle. Offenders are subject to fines. The city by the bay also has a ban on plastic water bottles. Other countries are reaching this madness level | Read More »

    Census Superbowl Commercial Sells Government Incompetence

    We paid $2.5 Million to advertise the fact the the government is a bunch of idiots – sheesh And yes, I get the fact they are trying to be hip and edgy ala The Office / 30 Rock / Parks and Recreation, but this is the freaking census!  The fact that we have to advertise to people of a basic constitutional function in a fun | Read More »


    Breaking: Adam Andrzejewski attending Tea Party Convention!

    GOP Illinois Governor hopeful, Adam Andrzejewski is attending the Saturday portion of the Nashville TN Tea Party Convention.   I had the distinct honor of bumping into him at the Chicago airport at 6am this morning.    he was surprised that someone from Tennessee would be familiar with his campaign.    We had a great talk on the plane and I offered him a dose of southern hospitality and | Read More »

    The Ultimate Irony from Obama’s State of the Union Speech

    Of all the things that were wrong with Barack Obama’s SOTU speech yesterday, nothing could hold a candle to his tout the Stimulus Bill “The plan that has made all of this possible, from the tax cuts to the jobs, is the Recovery Act. That’s right — the Recovery Act, also known as the stimulus bill. Economists on the left and the right say this | Read More »

    TN State Legislators Defend against Unconstitutional Health Care Bill

    Tennesseee state legislators Debra Maggart and Susan Lynn have called upon the TN State Attorney General to take legal action against the federal government’s takeover of the healthcare system and unfunded mandates of increased Medicaid spending.   These women are the Patriots of today!   “Such an increase would place a great burden on the citizens of this state. It is clear by the wording of | Read More »

    A Soldiers Thoughts on Fort Hood and the GWOT

    This was written to me by one of our amazing soldiers: On the eve of the day to remember America’s veterans, I am ashamed to say, that those who served, both living, and fallen are tarnished by the way our president, and his hand picked generals are executing the war on “man made disaster”.   I know I am stating the obvious but: Until we | Read More »

    Obama requires defensive barriers for Ft. Hood visit

    Just was watching Fox News this evening (sunday 11/8) and saw Geraldo interviewing someone at Ft. Hood regarding Obama’s visit (which is 5 days too late!), and they were moving 200 cargo containers around on the base to form a DEFENSIVE BARRIER for his visit.   I dont have a video capture of this- – I hope to update it ASAP.  It was at the 9 minute | Read More »

    RINO Gov. Schwartzenegger signs ammunition registration law

    The Governator signed into law a bill in California (AB 962) which will require all purchasers of ammunition to submit their thumbprint and  personal information into a state database.  included in the definition of ammunition are clips and magazines!  For purposes of this subdivision, “ammunition” shall include, but not be limited to any bullet, cartridge, magazine, clip, speedloader, auto loader or projectile fired from a firearm | Read More »

    Obama joins long line of Nobel Peace Prize losers

    President Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize  – for being recognized for yet another one of his non-accomplishments – that is: “the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama’s vision of and work for a world without | Read More »

    John Kerry Sounds Obama’s Afghanistan Call to Retreat

    John Kerry had an op-ed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal titled Testing Afghanistan Assumptions, wherein he carefully laid out a path for President Obama to retreat from his hawkish pre-election statements to a path of defeat. Beyond diminishing General McChrystal’s ability to provide fair and accurate information, the Senior Senator from Massachusetts basically throws him under the bus saying – As the commander on the | Read More »