Don´t trust an early call in Pennsylvania tuesday !

    On Tuesday November 2, 2004 , the Associated Press called the attorney general race for democrat James Eisenhauer over Tom Corbett, the Republican who would go on to win the governorship two years ago by 9%. Two hours afterwards it became clear that the AP had egg all over their face. Tom Corbett eventually won by 109,000 votes and the DEM conceded at midnight. This was | Read More »

    Is Mali the new Afghanistan ?

    Al Queda in the Islamic Maghreb is alive and well. Not only that. Two offshoots called Ansar Eddine and The Movement for unity and Jihad in West Africa are also occupying territory in the North of Mali. It seems that there are so many islamic radicals that they all want to be captain instead of merely the crew. Iyad Ag Ghali , the islamist Tuareg leader | Read More »

    The Rain in Spain has given the left a pain

    A downpour of votes has turned over the reigns of power in Spain to the Center-Right Partido Popular. After more than 7 years of Obama-like progressive programs the leftist Socialist Workers Party has been given the boot! Mariano Rajoy, on his third try obtained the absolute majority with 186 seats in the parliament to go with an ample majority on the senate.The socialists dropped to | Read More »

    Sixty is the game changer!

    Maybe this should have the title : “RUN RUDY RUN”. In November 2010 the election for the last two years of Hillary Clinton´s senate term was won by the appointee,Kristen Gillibrand, a typical liberal political hack. She bested the underfunded Joe Dioguardi by more than 27 points. At first glance the Republican party should not waste their money to go after the seat in 2012, | Read More »

    Who lost Perú ? Obama & Clinton Inc. !

    At this moment with 92% of the votes counted, there is a margin of 2.5% for Hugo Chávez clone Ollanta Humala over center-right candidate Keiko Fujimori for the Peruvian presidency. Three factors contributed heavily to this result: 1.The intervention of nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa into the picture by endorsing and working  for Humala. Everything that Humala stands for is against the stated political principles | Read More »


    The last polls are in and show a lead within the margin of error for Keiko Sofía Fujimori over the Hugo Chávez clone, Ollanta Humala , who has benefited by the clandestine flow of millions of petrodollars from his mentor, the Venezuelan tyrant.                                                    Yesterday the last debate was held which featured Humala trying to pin the corruption and excesses of the disgraced ex president, Alberto Fujimori | Read More »


    Lima, April 11 : Yesterday Perú went to the polls. As expected ,Ollanta Humala, supported by suitcases of petro-dollars ,courtesy of the Venezuelan tyrant,Hugo Chávez, received the most votes. At this moment it appears that after all of the votes are counted that he will have about 31.2 % which is .3% more than he obtained 5 years ago when he was defeated by Alan García | Read More »


    Lima, April 4, Everywhere you go you are greeted by the smiling faces of the 5 viable presidential candidates looking down upon you from a forest of billboards along with a plethora of congressional aspirants. Ollanta Humala, bouyed by a huge injection of petrodollars sent to his campaign by his mentor, the tyrant of Venezuela,Hugo Chávez is in first place in the polls. This will assure | Read More »


    The last refuge of the Democrat party in the south was the state legislatures. The good ol’ boys and the so-called conservative democrats hung in there, keeping up close contacts with the local gentry and continually declaring their independence from the “liberals” of the national party. But one by one the southern states turned red.On November the 2nd Alabama gave the GOP a 66 to | Read More »

    Brazil: The Other Election

    It appears that on the 31st of October Brazil is poised to elect Dilma Rousseff, an ex-marxist guerilla and handpicked candidate of President Lula Da Silva. It will be hard for Rousseff to lose as she garnered 46.8% of the votes in the first round of voting.José Serra,the pro US moderate who came in second obtained 32.6% of the vote. Green party candidate Marina Silva, | Read More »