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    Obama’s Soccer Saga: The Final Word

    What a difference a day makes.  While the Left scrambles to find soccer schedules for spring extra-curricular leagues, questions still remain and continue to multiply.  What we do know is that there was no Sidwell Friends soccer game on Saturday.  And yes, I know there are other leagues, I’m a mom. So let’s look to other leagues.  The premier Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS) soccer league did not have any scheduled games on | Read More »

    Obama Bows to Chinese Communist; Disrespects Other Leaders

    Every day is an adventure in the Obama-nation. On Monday, the United States opened the nuclear summit with almost 50 participating countries with President Obama greeting each country’s leader. Obama, as seen in these photos (scroll through them to see the other greetings), extended a very warm welcome–especially to Communist Chinese President Hu Jintao–to whom he bowed. Now before all you lefties get in an | Read More »

    Updated: Obama Goes to Soccer Game that Didn’t Exist?

    Updated at the botttom: So, let’s talk this one out. The AP reports: About two hours before reporters were supposed to be in position to leave with the president, Obama left the grounds of the White House. Members of the press were told he was attending one of his daughter’s soccer games in northwest Washington, D.C. The White House press corps traditionally travels with the | Read More »

    Bart Stupak’s Disdain and Vengence Towards Americans

    How divided this country has become. I have never heard such contempt and sophomoric talk against the American public by their own elected officials in my life. I guess they are learning from Teh One’s great oratory skills and his eloquent use of Alinsky’s tactics. Bart Stupak, who’s true colors are reflected in this video at about 3:29 in, by sounding off on his fellow | Read More »