Who is Obama? Does Anyone Really Care???

    (Thank you for your comment about “diaries”, mbecker908…. –Cathari) 10/16/2008: Commentary by “FalconsLair” who has published in numerous places on the internet for years, and before that, did his own newsletter that was distributed to over 200,000 individuals across America (repeat photocopies forwarded to others) which was credited with helping to return the Congress back to the Republican Party in the 90s…. Who is Obama??? | Read More »

    This is a Depressing Report if Vetted True (Inquiring minds want to know….)

    I hope that this html code works to create a proper link, and I apologize in advance if not, as I’m new with this particular posting system. Thank you for your understanding. Just in case, to avoid a re-posting, here is the text only first: This Reports, You Decide (Quick History in our Nation’s Politics Since Our Bicentennial) This Reports, You Decide  =(Quick History=20in our | Read More »


    WHY the Flack about Rev. Wright?

    The below article url was sent to me in answer to questions concerning Barack Obama in my ongoing image of him as a “Trojan Horse” for the people behind him who have promoted him into political office, as a result of his work as a community organizer for Bill Ayers and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in Chicago. All these people are named in the article, | Read More »

    Attorney Phil J. Berg vs. Barack Obama and the DNC

    This Video by Attorney Phil J. Berg just came in to me (url below). Hear what Berg’s legal credentials are, and why he filed this lawsuit in August 2008. The outcome is pending, because Obama and the DNC, in a delay tactic, filed a motion for dismissal. But Berg then filed a motion for discovery, requesting a list of appropriate certified documents from Obama and | Read More »

    Jerome Corsi Detainment and Release in Kenya

    Following the Jerome Corsi detention in Kenya just prior to his publicly scheduled press conference, and his release 12 hrs. later in Kenya to catch his prior scheduled flight on time, Corsi gave a telephone interview from London, with John Hannity in the U.S. At the bottom of this email are a few urls for this and other videos and audios documenting some of the | Read More »

    Why I am Here at the RS-REDSTATE Blog

    Today’s 2008 Election is in my lifetime the most critical I’ve seen and been a part of, as I’ve voted in every election since I turned 21 in 1966! Our nation is at a crucial crossroads, depending upon what the American people decide by election day, November 4, 2008. This will be concerning both, who will be our next U.S. President, and who will continue | Read More »