There’s Some Trouble in the Parties

    We all know that the Republican Party is in the midst of a dramatic change. The last election proved that the GOP just didn’t grasp the shift in campaign strategies that the Obama campaign capitalized on. Worries of a divided Democratic Party appeared to fade away after the Democratic National Convention (although one wonders how much unification happened in Unity, New Hampshire). In the weeks | Read More »

    The Office of…. what?

    I just realized today the extent of Obama’s political mastery. Watching the most recent news conference, my eyes were drawn to the sign on the podium listing “The Office of the President-Elect.” My natural assumption was that this is an office existing in the White House to facilitate the transition between administrations. We haven’t had a “president-elect” in 8 years so I didn’t even give | Read More »

    Promised Change But Delivered…

    With all the mention of a “team of rivals” and comparisons to President Lincoln, President-elect Obama promised Americans an era of change away from politics as usual in D.C. But what has he delivered so far? During the transition team announcements of cabinet posts, it seems to be politics as usual Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Rahm Emanuel, former Clinton advisor, as chief of | Read More »

    Not Dead Yet

    Over the past weeks since Election Day, numerous articles and an almost uncountable number of commentators ranging from the average Bob (notice not Joe…) to top news reporters have been giving the impression that the Republican Party, and by extension conservatism, is dead and Obama has done the impossible – unified America. But from my viewpoint, this is simply not the case. Myth #1: The | Read More »