Hugh Hewitt at the Orange County Central Committee meeting

    I went to the Central Committee meeting last night. Hugh Hewitt was the keynote speaker, and gave his perspective on the election. You can find my notes on the meeting here:

    So Obama wonders what next great event his daughters will see in …

    Perhaps a woman president in 2012?


    Palin vs. Hillary Couture

    The difference is just in the way it is covered. Thoughts from C17wife, and other Red State women?

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    William Ayers tried to firebomb a nine year old boy,

    This is all we need to say about Obama and Ayers. Instead, we seem to be dissembling about people around a kitchen table, and when Obama knew. Obama’s defense is that the actions of Ayers were dispicable, but that Ayers was mainstream. Talk about a leap of moral logic! We have to point out that Ayers actions were dispicable, and that Ayers was dispicable, and | Read More »

    Post Debate

    My gut instinct is that the people are “leaving the door open” for McCain. I base that on the reports from Ohio in regards to early voting, and the stickyness of Obama’s topline numbers. I do not think McCain did as well as he could have, but I also do not believe that Obama delivered a knockout blow. CNN’s focus group from Ohio seemed to | Read More »

    McCain needs to get back to Campaign 101:

    McCain needs t get back to fundamentals in teh campaign. Identify Problem: The Economy Sucks, largely due to an out of control Fannie and Freddie that issued mortgages to people who could nort afford to pay them back. The result is foreclosures on Main Street, as well as plunging property values. Furthermore, Fannie and Freddie spread these toxic mortgages to Wall St, and failure of | Read More »

    Economy = Mortgages and Oil, Stupid!!!

    … election day. We need to hit Obama over his ties to Fannie and Freddie, and his refusal to back reform and oversight in 2005. Why is 2005 important? Because the majority of mortgages that are failing and have caused the meltdown of the housing markets, and the collapse on Wall Street, are from 2006 and 2007. Obama is going to hit back with Carly | Read More »

    What McCain Said: Obama is in bed with the guys that caused this

    Chris Cox is a favorite of conservatives. However, his position does serve at the confidence of the President, and the public; confidence has been waning, and justifiably so. Now that McCain has made his point that someone in the administration needs to be accountable, wwe need to focus the message back to Obama. In speeches later today, he needs to drop the Cox reference, and | Read More »

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    The Economic meltdown, and how we fight back

    … at ground zero of the subprime meltdown, I would detail a couple of things: 1) This whole meltdown is based on the failure of Mortgage Backed Securities. 2) Senator McCain signaled a warning in 2005 that Fannie and Freddie were skating on thin ice. In particular, the GSE’s were not able to report clean books, and had to restate earnings (not good when organizations | Read More »

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    Criticism of Palin’s experience

    experience. I guess I will have to agree to disagree with them. Also note that they do not say Obama is qualified. However, one thing I have noticed about Palin the past few days: SHE’S THE ONLY ONE ON FREAKIN’ MESSAGE!!!!!

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