Long term conservative. Eagle Scout class of 1985. Biggest regret in life not being able to vote for Reagan in 1984 (too young). I just took Cold Warrior's advice and joined the CA Republican Party as an Associate Member. It is very easy with only 1 meeting a month and only $16!!!


    Fear is the mind-killer, or a possible explanation of some Trump support.

    After months and months of all the silly season campaigns going on, I have been scratching my head on why and how Trump has kept his support.  It seems like every election is for the sake of the country, and in many ways , they are.  I remember hearing ’08 that we had to support McCain because losing the White House would ruin the country. | Read More »

    Quick questions on the court packing

    With the nuclear option being used, and the plan to pack the DC Circuit starting, can someone answer this. Is Obama adding more judges or replacing empty seats? I read somewhere these are new seats. And, since we are working from continuing resolutions and not a budget, wouldn’t that mean new lines in the budget to fund the judges and the support staff for the | Read More »

    Why does the NRSC keep doing this?

    I just got back from reading the Campaign Spot on National Review Online, and there is a link to a Miami Herald piece that leaves me scratching my head.  First Charlie Crist, it’s stated, is off his game and could still possibly win the nomination without the Cuban-American vote.  Along with all the other bad news that his campaign has had to endure (most of | Read More »

    Cornyn steps into it again

    John Cornyn has given a nod over to Carly Fiorino.  I thought this was an open primary and she has not even declared her candacy.  Shades of Florida has reared its ugly head again.  Why can’t Washington stay out of our contests, especially if it’s open nadlet us decide?

    Rasmussen Prsidential Approval index @ 0!!!

    Obama’s Presidential Approval index has for the first time reached 0.  Where strongly approve and strongly disapprove are subtracted from the other.  His overall approval rating is at 54%.  I think every time he goes off shore and makes some really stupid comments or bows to other leaders the public has the international media to cover, so the synchophants here don’t have a chance to | Read More »

    It looks like Mark Rubio has the endorsement of Mike Huckabee

    According to CNN Politcial Ticker Mike Huckabee has endorsed Mark Rubio for Republican Primary.  This follows Jeb Bush jr.’s endorsement earlier in the day.  No word on Bush sr. endorsing.