I have B.S. and M.S. in physics and a PhD in Medical Physics. I am a Christian, Husband, and father of 3. I have spent most of my life in the South, but am now getting used to living in upstate NY.


    Cruz vs Rubio will be decided in (early) December

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94% is clearly the establishment favorite right now.  He also has managed to put in a rider that prevented the use of general funds to cover the “risk corridors” in the ACA.  This block is what has United signalling that they may exit the exchanges, and if followed by Aetna this would be full bore death spiral. However, | Read More »

    Some Candidates About to Go Broke

    At the end of the third quarter the candidates had to submit a bunch of financial documents.  These included simple things like the dollars coming in, cash on hand, and expenditures.  Let’s exclude Trump since should he ever decide to pay for his campaign out of pocket he could, and Jindal out of respect. We can take a quick stab and ask “if no more | Read More »

    An honest to goodness change in the primary race

    So I think you might have heard that the top two republican candidates are Donald Trump and Ben Carson and that this is an outsider’s election.  This has been the case both nationally and in the early states for months.  Well, wait no longer, there is a real update.  In New Hampshire the Realclearpolitics average has Carson and Rubio tied for second (technically they are | Read More »

    France and NATO

    Maybe I am way off, but I am under the impression that ISIS has attacked Paris.  I am also under the impression that Article 5 of NATO requires all member states to come to the military assistance of any member that is attacked. Shouldn’t all our defense hawks be pushing that just as we required countries to come to our aid October 4th 2011 we | Read More »

    In case you missed it, there are now 4 candidates

    So, I know polling is flawed.  The polls just were off in Kentucky by ~10 points.  However, there is a really interesting poll from Quinnipiac out on the Republican nomination.  It shows 4 candidates above 10 points, and everyone else below 5.  The only candidates above 10 are Carson, Trump, Rubio, and Cruz.  Everyone else is at 4 or below.  Everyone. More interestingly the average | Read More »

    To the Cruz Super PACs

    There are beginning to be a few articles about why Cruz’ super PACs aren’t spending yet.  My best guess is that Cruz when setting them up (before the firewall went in place) had a gameplan laid out and the PACs are following it.  However, it may be that the PACs are doing something else.  I would beg the PACs not to make movements in response | Read More »

    If Cruz wins could he win: Part 2 Electability

    So I am interested in why people support Donald Trump.  When the question was posed here the main answers were two fold: Cruz cannot win the general election If Cruz was elected he wouldn’t win any fights I addressed #2 in my last diary.  Basically Cruz is starting from the position that he will use executive authority to its fullest legal extent to advance the | Read More »

    Dear RNC: How to host a debate

    First you should note that this is an in-house debate.  I really don’t care what Chris Matthews, or anyone else at MSNBC thinks.  I also don’t care what CNN, CNBC, ABC, or their grown up brother Comedy Central think.  They hate us, hate our candidates, and wish we would all shut up so the responsible adults can legalize and privilege the next sexual deviancy that | Read More »

    Thank you John Boehner

    In all honesty I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% just just handed Washington Conservatives the gift of a lifetime.  The budget deal he just reached united our candidates, Rubio, Cruz, and Paul have come out forcefully against the deal.  This comes the day of the debate allowing those who are prepared to | Read More »

    If Cruz wins could he win?

    So, I like Cruz.  I had an open diary about why I should change my opinion towards Trump.  In the comments (waaaayyy more than I was expecting) the argument came down to two points: Cruz has better positions, but Trump is more likely to achieve his goals Trump is more electable.  Not that he is more likable, but that he is more likely to do | Read More »