I have B.S. and M.S. in physics and a PhD in Medical Physics. I am a Christian, Husband, and father of 3. I have spent most of my life in the South, but am now getting used to living in upstate NY.


    Sorry Rubio – You Lost Me

    So I have said that I am a Cruz man, but Rubio is a very close #2 for me.  I would happily support him if it looked like he was a more viable alternative to Trump than Cruz.  The biggest impediment to me crossing over was the fact that Cruz kept beating Rubio both in actual elections and also in polls.  I was willing to | Read More »

    It’s now a 4 man race (plus spoilers)

    Christie and Fiornia have dropped out.  We can count Gilmore out as well (since nobody even knows who he is).  That leaves 6 technically in the race: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kasich, and Carson. However, the race for the nomination includes both winning elections, and having enough money to win future elections.  If we review January’s numbers we will see that Carson and Kasich cannot continue. | Read More »

    A Tale of two Campaign Ads: Cruz 1, Trump 0

    I keeping with the newer standards I am not embedding the videos, but adding links. Donad Trump attacks Ted Cruz Typical political attack ad aimed at stating the worst about the other candidate.  You have seen a hundred of them, and this one is exactly the same.  Looks like Trump decided to do a traditional media push Ted Cruz trolls Donald Trump Easily the best political | Read More »

    Why Cruz Will Win the Nomination… An Exercise in Wishful Thinking

    Starting this with a regular caveat:  I am a Cruz guy.  I like Cruz, and I hope he wins.  I think he would do the best job at dismantling our ruinous regulatory regime, I think he would be the most staunch supporter of socially conservative values, I think he would make the best judicial nominations, I believe he is the most likely candidate to govern | Read More »

    Beware of Rubio’s electability

    Right now electability is one of the prime positives of Rubio over Cruz.  Rubio has higher favorables, is a better public speaker, is more photogenic, and the press loves him.  Contrast this with Cruz who has awkward pauses, doesn’t play as well to the camera, is a self-interested grandstander, and is hated by both the press and the party that he would be elected to | Read More »

    Donald Trump = Winfield Scott

    Not drawing an exact parallel here, but for historical purposes the Whig party won the presidency in 1848, lost in a landslide in 1852 and then was no more.  Winfield Scott managed to win his party’s nomination, but did not represent the values of his party at large, and most especially did not represent his party’s most ardent supporters (the abolitionists).  The party was divided | Read More »

    I am in denial

    So, I have been thinking about Trump, and I personally just don’t believe it.  Apparently Trump is ahead of Cruz in the polls out of Iowa right now.  In 2012 Santorum won 25% of the caucus with 29k votes.  When you look through articles Trump mentions hundreds and hundreds of volunteers whereas Cruz is reported to have 9,000 in Iowa alone.  On top of that Trump’s ground | Read More »

    Rubio and Carson: Only you can prevent Trump

    To Marco Rubio and Ben Carson: I believe you sincerely love this nation and want what is good for it.  In 10 days there is going to be an election in Iowa, followed by one in New Hampshire a week later, and then in South Carolina.  If Trump wins both Iowa and New Hampshire then he will win South Carolina and there is a good | Read More »

    An appeal to the Establishment

    This diary assumes that moderate/establishment Republicans genuinely have conservative principles and want to see certain things like: Fewer abortions Freedom to abstain from participating in homosexual ceremonies Freedom to choose what if any health insurance to offer employees Border enforcement Due process Strict constructionist judges The rest of the Republican Platform I assume that you want to win fights.  I also assume that the biggest | Read More »

    Good News for Cruz in Iowa

    Making predictions is difficult, especially about the future.  However, weather predictions have begun to be a bit better in the last decade.  Keep in mind that Iowa is a caucus state where people have to give up hours of their time in order to go support a candidate.  Also consider now that staunch conservatives who have caucused previously are more likely to support Cruz while | Read More »

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