I have B.S. and M.S. in physics and a PhD in Medical Physics. I am a Christian, Husband, and father of 3. I have spent most of my life in the South, but am now getting used to living in upstate NY.


    The right way to use “New York Values” Updated:Trump on Iowa

    So, I agree that Cruz got the short end of the stick over the NY values.  Some of the other writers might be right and Cruz should simply drop that attack.  However there is a way for him to use it.  Imagine it being instead NY juxtaposed with America at large There are certain values that are a part of America, hard work, resiliency, overcoming | Read More »

    I admit it – I am scared of Trump

    With Trump we have a few very real possibilities if he wins the nomination He wins the election and governs as a conservative winning fight after fight and moving the Republican party from moderate to conservative He loses the general election and we end up with either Hillary or Bernie as president while ISIS continues to gain strength and Iran works on their bomb He | Read More »

    Trump has hit his Iowa ceiling

    So, Cruz was an American citizen at birth, and never tried to act upon is Canadian citizenship.  He renounced it as soon as anyone brought it up.  However, Trump is out there saying it might be a problem for some voters.  Cruz’ numbers are falling with this particular attack.  First off, interesting that the first thing that affects his numbers are the situation of his | Read More »

    A sickening global possibility

    So I had a fairly unnerving line of thought recently.  Let’s consider a few lessons from the last decade or so It is impossible to reform Islamic nations into peaceful democracies (see Iraq and Afghanistan) as peaceful leaders in the region are inevitably shot by the populace Islamic dictators are evil (exemplified by using chemical weapons on their own people), Islamic gangs (ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda) | Read More »

    A plea to Dr. Carson

    Dr. Carson, I believe you are a man of deep character and a man who will meet his commitments.  You did not necessarily want to run for President, but ran largely because you were convinced that the nation needs a man of character leading it.  You have millions of supporters who long to vote for you, and I am sure that leaving the race before | Read More »

    Ted Cruz is for real

    Alright, let’s go ahead and put out some of the accusations: scheming opportunist Machiavellian self-serving self-aggrandizing will say anything to get elected probably not even a real evangelical (since those don’t come from Cuba) There are other attacks on Ted Cruz, but these are really the ones that impugn his motives. I am not a Cruz historian, but a lot of this is public knowledge, | Read More »

    A Gold Standard is not crazy

    Brief description of one particular way of implementing a gold standard: A gold standard is a monetary policy whereby a currency is linked to gold.  The most obvious way to accomplish this is to use a base metal in coinage.  That is, issue a $200 coin with 200mg of gold in the center of the coin.  Pretty simple, but not particularly manageable.  Also set for | Read More »

    The phrase that will sink Trump

    So, I am enjoying this primary season.  We have a few more meaningful debates coming up soon, and Trump is doing a very nice job of cleaning up the field sending most of the candidates into the dustbin of history.  Keep in mind that in June this was a 17 man field.  Although some have dropped out there are still 12 serious condenders (I think, | Read More »

    Trump vs Cruz: A primer

    Trump has a devoted following that is 25-30% of the Republican primary electorate.  Any winning republican candidate for the general election will absolutely require those votes (remember, turning out your own base is one winning strategy for an election).  Is Trump a bigot?  A racist?  A misogynist? A buffoon?  A clown?  Possibly, it is also possible he just pretends to be one in order to get | Read More »

    Cruz readies for fight with Trump

    So, apparently there is leaked audio in which Cruz questions whether Carson and Trump have sufficient judgment to be in charge of our nuclear arsenal. This was at a fundraiser this week.  Like him or hate him pretty much everyone agrees that Cruz has impeccable self-control and very high intelligence.  Cruz will not have forgotten the 47% line, or clinging to guns and religion, | Read More »

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