I have B.S. and M.S. in physics and a PhD in Medical Physics. I am a Christian, Husband, and father of 3. I have spent most of my life in the South, but am now getting used to living in upstate NY.


    What is going on at Rasmussen? [Updated to include more than just Rasmussen]

    Anyone else notice Rasumssen’s numbers have been all over the place recently? Normally they have been the more stable polling firm and have leaned R, maybe R+4 compared to the average of other polls. They have been closer to D+2 recently, and between yesterday and today had an Obama +8 swing. They average three days of polls, so that means Obama’s net approval was 24 | Read More »

    Cutting Our Monetary ties Part 2

    Article 1 Section 10 prohibits the states from coining Money (printing fiat currency) and also requires the states not to accept anything other than Gold or Silver coin as a tender in payment of debts. Historically this has been carried out in three ways 1) Allow banks to keep gold reserves (coin) and issue notes that can be redeemed for coin upon demand (bank notes) | Read More »

    Cutting our Monetary ties Part 1

    There are several ties holding together the several states. These include: 1) Diplomatic (including common military) 2) Cultural (including religious and historic) 3) Economic 4) Monetary The legal ties merely codify these more fundamental ties. There may be some more that I have missed, please feel free to point them out. What I am looking at today is monetary ties. These ties are related to | Read More »

    Obama’s Frustrated? Go Team!

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama is frustrated with the shutdown. Given that he surely assumed Republicans in both the House and Senate would crumple like a wet napkin I am not surprised that he is frustrated. I suspect that he remembers the collective shoulder shrug after a month of the country not falling apart following the sequester. I suspect that he | Read More »

    The Road to a Constitutional Convention [updated]

    Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments have certainly drawn more attention than my own diary. If you are interested in my proposed amendments glance through my previous entries, but I agree with Levin that a convention is the only way to reign in our over grown National Government.  Pasting the relevant parts of Article V: “The Congress, …on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of | Read More »

    The Immorality of Government Pension Obligations

    I know that pensions are out of the news right now and that defund is the defining issue of the moment.  However, I think it is appropriate to revisit these issues from time to time. Let’s consider somebody (Bill) moving from New York State to Illinois.  The best estimate of New York’s unfunded pension obligations that I can find per capita is $814 while Illinois | Read More »

    How I can be sure Defunding can Work

    Harry Reid. Let’s consider his options: 1) Simply allow defunding in the CR and extend the CR by a year and in return extract major concessions on everything else 2) Fight the Ted Cruz faction of the senate over THIS issue Now ask yourself which path Reid would choose if he thought defunding wouldn’t affect PPACA rollout. I believe he would use the opportunity to | Read More »

    The Amazement that is Senator Cruz

    I lived in Texas during Cruz’s campaign for the TX senate seat (you know, the Republican primary). I remember considering Cruz and Dewhurst and wondering which one would be more likely to represent conservatives in DC. The thing is between the two choices you had 1) A man who had been pretty conservative, but obviously loved political power 2) A man that we knew nothing | Read More »

    Why we don’t need the Fed

    This is not an article about how to end the Fed, or why we should, or why we shouldn’t. This is merely about why we don’t need them. The Fed directs monetary policy in the US by setting interest rates, selling bonds, setting lending reserve ratios, and other things I don’t entirely understand in order to change the monetary base. They target a specific inflation | Read More »

    A Supreme Court Check & Balance Amendment

    So Mark Levin’s liberty amendments propose a means for congress to overturn Supreme Court decisions by a vote within 2 years of the decision.  I think he is mistaken in both in giving that power to Congress and also the time limit. Hypothetically (of course) let’s suppose that the Supreme Court finds a constitutional authority to penalize every citizen who does not purchase some product | Read More »