I have B.S. and M.S. in physics and a PhD in Medical Physics. I am a Christian, Husband, and father of 3. I have spent most of my life in the South, but am now getting used to living in upstate NY.


    The Immorality of Government Pension Obligations

    I know that pensions are out of the news right now and that defund is the defining issue of the moment.  However, I think it is appropriate to revisit these issues from time to time. Let’s consider somebody (Bill) moving from New York State to Illinois.  The best estimate of New York’s unfunded pension obligations that I can find per capita is $814 while Illinois | Read More »

    How I can be sure Defunding can Work

    Harry Reid. Let’s consider his options: 1) Simply allow defunding in the CR and extend the CR by a year and in return extract major concessions on everything else 2) Fight the Ted Cruz faction of the senate over THIS issue Now ask yourself which path Reid would choose if he thought defunding wouldn’t affect PPACA rollout. I believe he would use the opportunity to | Read More »

    The Amazement that is Senator Cruz

    I lived in Texas during Cruz’s campaign for the TX senate seat (you know, the Republican primary). I remember considering Cruz and Dewhurst and wondering which one would be more likely to represent conservatives in DC. The thing is between the two choices you had 1) A man who had been pretty conservative, but obviously loved political power 2) A man that we knew nothing | Read More »

    Why we don’t need the Fed

    This is not an article about how to end the Fed, or why we should, or why we shouldn’t. This is merely about why we don’t need them. The Fed directs monetary policy in the US by setting interest rates, selling bonds, setting lending reserve ratios, and other things I don’t entirely understand in order to change the monetary base. They target a specific inflation | Read More »

    A Supreme Court Check & Balance Amendment

    So Mark Levin’s liberty amendments propose a means for congress to overturn Supreme Court decisions by a vote within 2 years of the decision.  I think he is mistaken in both in giving that power to Congress and also the time limit. Hypothetically (of course) let’s suppose that the Supreme Court finds a constitutional authority to penalize every citizen who does not purchase some product | Read More »

    Now THIS is what school reform looks like

    Arizona has introduced a program where they place 90% of the state’s portion of student funding into an account that parents can use just like an ESA.  For those of you who don’t know, an ESA (Educational Savings Account) is a savings account with preferential tax status when the funds are used for education, so basically an IRA for education.  The approved purchases for elementary | Read More »

    Liberals say our schools are fine

    Our government is infested with teachers’ interest groups. Liberals are dedicated to the proposition that only liberals should teach any children. They are currently fighting every voucher and charter plan with every legal argument they can.  Additionally they are now trying to convince people that private and public schools achieve the same results.  This article from Slate presents a few books that have come out | Read More »

    Our Founder’s Syrian Genius

    I would like to post my reading of the Constitution insofar as I believe the military was set up. 1) The Federal Government has the authority to maintain a Navy 2) The Federal Government has the authority to raise armies, but no funding can last more than two years 3) The commander in chief has the authority to call up the militia (this is different | Read More »

    How the NorthEast will turn Red

    Let’s consider the series of events that have taken place in Detroit for a moment. 1) Large promises were made by the local government 2) Insufficient funds were set aside to fulfill the promises 3) The assumption was made that taxes could always be raised to meet any difference between promises and return on investment 4) Stiff regulations were passed discouraging capital investment 5) Some | Read More »

    A new Interstate Commerce Clause

    For any who have been reading my diary, you have seen that I have been suggesting some potential amendments to the Constitution. This entry is in that vein. To those who are of the persuasion “State sponsored amendments can never happen,” my final entry in this series will address that specifically. However right now I want to address the Interstate Commerce Clause: Article 1 Section | Read More »