Young Republicans and the internet.

    As Bob Dylan wrote the times they are a-changin’. The campaign model that work for republicans in the past will not be as effective in the future. The internet has had a larger impact on this than most of us would have predicted. If the Barack Obama campaign in 2008 is not evidence enough of this, with his rumored 13 million email addresses, consider that | Read More »

    Joe Barton please remove the (R) next to your name

    Seriously here is yet another example of a person registered as a republican who is just lost on the understanding of what a republican actually is. As reported on ESPN, Texas Congressman Joe Barton intends to introduce legislation, not for some pressing issue like preventing taxpayer money from being used to fund GM, Ford or Chryler, nope he wants to legislate college football.  As | Read More »

    Bronx County Young Republicans

    Obviously parts of the party leadership are arguing still over who is responsible for our result in this last cycle. Some parts of the party are trying to figure out who should lead next. And some still are arguing what comprises the principles of the party. I myself have decided the best way to fix what ails my political party is to rebuild from the | Read More »

    For those who support Prop 8

    I have the simplest question for you. How does two men, or women, being married imfringe on your freedom, liberty, or life? Since the very obvious question is this action does not then being in favor of Prop 8 is about as anti-republican as one can be and you should change your party affliation to democrat. Just sayin …