Obama Wins the “Blame” Game

    Today, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that if you search Google for “Obama Blames” you’ll find MANY search results. As I write this, for example, Google returns 453,000 results for the quoted search term. But then I wondered…How does this result compare to that of his predecessors? Are Obama’s search results significantly greater than that of previous presidents — as Rush implied — or somewhat comparable? | Read More »

    The Average Jobless Time Has Doubled Under Obama

    In June, the Obama administration reached a milestone that the mainstream media has ignored: The average duration of unemployment has more than doubled since the beginning of the Obama administration. This figure tells the story: The average unemployed person has been out of work for about 40 weeks. As Pat Caddell said this morning on Fox’s Cavuto show: “I’m sorry, but there’s an elephant in the | Read More »

    Raising Taxes ALWAYS Hurts the Economy

    President Obama has offered the Republicans a compromise. He’ll cut spending if Republicans agree to a tax increase. Obama gives a little; the Republicans give a little. What could be fairer?The Republicans are resisting for several reasons. Some point to similar agreements in the past, which generated large tax increases but few spending cuts. Others are concerned that breaking their pledge against tax increases would | Read More »