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    Boehner suing Obama

    Speaking Boehner published this op-ed today on CNN, explaining why he is suing the President: Good heavens, can anyone on the Speaker’s staff craft a compelling argument?   What he should be saying: I’m speaking directly to every American right now, from every political stripe, directly from the heart: regardless of whether you identify with the political left, right, or center, President Obama’s brazen | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton: 0 for 3 on Iraq

    As you recall, in 2003 Hillary Clinton endorsed the idea of invading Iraq.  With the clarity of hindsight, that move doesn’t look so wise. Then in early 2007 she went on record as being against the troop surge President Bush launched to try and stabilize the situation.  That effort had the intended affect. And of course she supported President Obama’s full withdrawal from Iraq.  We | Read More »

    Obama’s Direct Enrollment “Fix” is Likely Illegal

    The Administration is on the verge of allowing federal subsidies for policies purchased directly from health insurance companies: Note that this proposed “fix” runs explicitly counter to the text of the legislation, which stipulates that federal subsidies will only be provided for people who obtain their health insurance on exchanges ”established by the state.” There seems to be no way, given both the text of | Read More »

    Is it even legal…

    …for the Administration to allow federal subsidies for policies purchased directly by a health insurance companies/co-ops, as opposed to one purchased on an exchange? This is suddenly an extremely important question, given that the ongoing issues with has the Administration on the verge of allowing federal subsidies to get provided for policies purchased directly from health insurance companies: Note that this proposed “fix” | Read More »

    Two CONTROLLABLE Ways the GOP can IMMEDIATELY move the ball forward against Obamacare

    Let’s hope Boehner/Issa are smart enough to do so: Subpoena the private sector IT contractors responsible for implementing the system to testify in front of Congress.  Include both executives and senior project managers.  Do so EN MASSE.  And quickly.  Unlike Sebelius, private contracts won’t refuse to appear before Congress and answer questions regarding what’s happening. Reach out to the unions who HATE Obamacare, and start | Read More »

    Leveraging Sen. McConnell’s Unique Predicament

    It appears that conservatives have not yet found a solid primary opponent for Mitch McConnell. Perhaps one will never surface…tough to tell. I do have an idea, however, that allows us to leverage the Senator’s unique vulnerability at this time while also maximizing liberty. To actually pull it off we’d probably need Rush, Sean, or The Great One to run with it. Though some buzz | Read More »

    A Response to Atul Gawande, re The Morality of President Obama’s Healthcare Law

    As expected from someone as brilliant and thoughtful as Atul Gawande, his recent piece (link below) on the morality of President Obama’s healthcare act was an insightful read. And on a personal level I will confess that over the past couple of months, I’ve had a few unique interactions that have brought home the human-side of healthcare access and pre-existing conditions.  These are deeply personal | Read More »

    Obama’s Joint Session Request

    Boehner would have to be out of his mind to give Obama this kind of platform, and on this of all nights (considering it is a GOP debate night, and will be the first one to showcase Rick Perry). The Speaker’s response should be simple: a counter-proposal that invites Obama to address the entire Congress during the day, in either public or private, one day next week. | Read More »

    And On To the Senate We Go….

    For the next few days, you Republicans in the Senate will have the unique opportunity to force Harry Reid to accept significant changes to the amounts and manner in which the Federal government spends money and funds programs.  And while there’s every reason to think you’re going to screw it up, let’s just say that hope springs eternal. With that in mind, a few serious suggestions: First and | Read More »

    Debt Limit Endgame: Changing Perceptions

    We are approaching end-game in the fight over raising the debt-limit.  And as we can see from today’s hit-job by Jackie Calmes of the NY Slimes (link below), the perception that the President is the reasonable one focused on debt reduction, while the GOP are a bunch of idealogues, is “gelling” (or arguably has already “gelled”) among establishment media: But here is what we | Read More »