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    Dear Washington Pundit—What would YOU recommend?

    The conventional wisdom among Washington pundits is that gridlock and (what they label) obstructionism are very bad things. Bad things Republicans—and in particular extremist, Tea Party Republicans like —do. When you broach Brand Republican, this is the first thought that springs to mind through the writing of journalists bemoaning the poor governing skills or commitment of national politicians. Especially Republicans. This is an ongoing theme | Read More »

    Preserving the Status Quo Through “Net Neutrality”?

    I sincerely never expected this mind-boggling “explanation” It was lunch break time yesterday and I took a few minutes to do my Twitter thing. Saw a Fournier tweet: Very anti-populist position he took RT @alansmurray: is confused on net neutrality via @FortuneMagazine — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) November 10, 2014 So I dropped a quick reaction and clocked back into work. .@ron_fournier @alansmurray @FortuneMagazine “Net | Read More »

    Ebola and the Fear of Flying

    A pervasive attitude It’s incredible to me how reflexively, head-pattingly dismissive government health bureaucrats, their apologists in the media, and their left-leaning Twitter friends are in discussing Ebola in the U.S. At least in public. Here’s an example from the other day— National Journal, Sam Baker: An Ebola ‘Czar’ Won’t Stop Ebola. But What Can He Do? Czars and travel bans won’t prevent another Ebola | Read More »

    Ebola Joins the Perfect Storm

    Ebola Joins the Perfect Storm

    There is a perfect storm of untrustworthiness in a multitude of institutions combined with public distrust verging on paranoia in our culture. The Presidency We have been trained during the last 100 years to expect our presidents to be on top of every problem or crisis that presents itself. We do this regardless of whether such vigilance is actually an appropriate responsibility of presidents. Here’s the | Read More »

    UPDATE 2: Infant Stem Cell Research and the Bucket Challenge

    Are any pro lifers bothered that the (for the moment) incredibly popular ALS Association embraces research using fetal stem cells? Here’s something fascinating to me—and a little mysterious. Yesterday, I found a page at ALS Association explaining their support of stem cell research, including fetal stem cells. I read the whole thing before sending the link to Carol. This morning I tried to share the | Read More »

    Rick Perry’s Rocket Fuel

    A Tale of Two Mugshots Earlier this afternoon Texas Governor Rick Perry had his mugshot taken. The person he’s accused of illegally threatening had hers taken earlier. So who do you like? This morning Perry’s people sent out this video: Which  leads me to ask this question: When they started this foofaw, did Dems not realize they were providing rocket fuel to Perry’s campaign? I | Read More »

    The Ham Sandwich Indictment

    Some of you may be familiar with Texas. If you’re REALLY familiar with Texas, you know that the lead prosecutor in charge of bringing corrupt officials to justice is the District Attorney of Travis County. Which is also about the only leftist enclave in the whole state. The sweet lady below is the Travis County DA. She was arrested for driving drunk and abusing the | Read More »

    Ron Fournier hopes for a left-right populist fusion. Can he have it?

    My friend*, Ron Fournier, longs for a new wave of populism and finds in me a sympathizer, if not yet an ally. The Establishment won Tues night and will win again, but barring big change, the future belongs to the Populists: — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) June 25, 2014   @ron_fournier Just as long as you remember: @EWErickson and I re not going to get | Read More »

    (Still) Another False Equivalency Embarrassment

    (Still) Another False Equivalency Embarrassment

    Enter the Mental Midget How do people like Sally Kohn get a platform? She’s a ventriloquist’s dummy mouthing words she probably doesn’t understand. Like today: How can same people who believe Hamas violence justifies Israeli violence then disagree that Israeli violence justifies Hamas violence? — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) July 22, 2014   It’s simple, really, Sally @sallykohn @guypbenson Because if Hamas leaves Israel alone, Hamas | Read More »

    How can a politician suck? Let us count the ways…

    People are all atwitter today over still another discussion of partisan suckery I think the situation calls for a timeout, amidst charges of false equivalence, etc., and ponder what this means. In other words, can we start separating the oranges from the apples from the bananas and make sure we’re all speaking about the same things? I love this tweet I just now read: You | Read More »