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    How journalists have dumbed down the definition of analysis

    Ron has simple goals, really @ron_fournier You’re doing that thing again where you pretend to stand in the middle like you’re the only adult in the room. @jpodhoretz — Charles Flemming (@ChasFlemming) June 7, 2013 As a journalist, Ron Fournier has worked out a great formula that he goes to time and again. In today’s column (‘We Don’t Suck As Much!’ A Motto Your Party | Read More »

    What’s worse than a ‘do-nothing’ Congress?

    Which—frankly—is most Congresses Peter Orszag, veteran economics advisor in both the Clinton and Obama generations advances a view that is getting on my last nerve: Peter R. Orszag, Bloomberg View: Do-Nothing Congress Is Your Fault— The most important problem facing our national government is political polarization, because it makes governing virtually impossible — unless one party can dominate the House, Senate and White House. Notice | Read More »

    Greg Sargent and the Very Special Pig

    Greg Sargent is one of a legion of lefties… …decrying the amazingly awful, late-trending, headlong rush into national oblivion brought on by Republicans mysteriously refusing to be nice and compromise with compassionate, pure-hearted progressives. He just can’t understand the stubbornness, and who can blame him? @KatMcKinley In all seriousness, this is a very clear cut case where one side wants a compromise solution and the other | Read More »

    Matt Lewis is destroying the Republican Party

      ‘Go ahead and cower in fear while a Tyrant destroys America’ Such is the deep thought of a tweeter who agrees with Sarah Palin that we should impeach Barack Obama. It was in reply to  my own tweet, where I counted the political cost—and likely failure—of bringing such an effort to fruition. I mean, let’s be honest. If your very best, most successful resolution | Read More »

    The cynicism of journalists meets Separation of Powers 101

    Only if you view genuine political arguments through jaundiced eyes It began with Reince (quoting John) RT @SpeakerBoehner This lawsuit isn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s about protecting the #Constitution → — Reince Priebus (@Reince) July 10, 2014 Which didn’t set well with Ron No-it's about Republicans vs Democrats. At least be honest about it, Mr. Chairman. — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) July 10, | Read More »

    I’m sorry—you can’t get much more post-nationalist than this

    This freaks me out 12 ways to Sunday: imagine the audacity of being born somewhere and telling other people they weren't allowed to live there. like you planned your own birth — Cohen is a ghost (@skullmandible) July 9, 2014 This ‘logic,’ unfortunately, is becoming less and rare. And that scares me. @skullmandible Are you really that post-nationalist? That post-American? @ron_fournier — Charles Flemming (@ChasFlemming) July | Read More »

    ‘Do we HAVE to revisit that Martin Bashir thing again?’

    ‘Yes, children, because that unfortunate man has much to teach us’ @ron_fournier I defended Martin Bashir—again—just a few minutes ago. Not that he deserved it. But the health of our discourse needs it. — Charles Flemming (@ChasFlemming) July 4, 2014 Actually, the health of our discourse demands it. I’ve pondered over and over again the weird phenomenon of me defending Martin Bashir against right-wing distortion when even | Read More »

    When will the Tea Party have won?

    Yesterday was the debacle in Mississippi. Today came the opinions. Despite what happens on any given Tuesday, #TeaParty has won b/c GOP pushed to right since '09. #LongView — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) June 25, 2014 Really? Here’s my take: @ron_fournier It isn't the goal of TPers to "move the party to the right" which is a catchall, definitionless phrase. — Charles Flemming (@ChasFlemming) June 25, | Read More »


    What the Tea Party needs now

    On National Review Online’s The Corner this morning, Betsy Woodruff reports something that Katrina vanden Heuvel said that just stunned me (Nation Editor: With Cruz, Delusional Is No Longer Marginal, emphasis mine): The morning’s panel on ABC’s This Week didn’t have much love for Senator Ted Cruz. In a discussion of the fight over last week’s debt ceiling hike — read some of NR’s reporting on it here and here – | Read More »

    Why ‘Win Power to Win Policy’ Won’t Work Now—or Ever

    The role of the minority Prevent the majority from passing an agenda that is bad for the country and its citizens. Try to pass an agenda that they think is better. Get hired. Notice the order? You win power by showing what you will do if you get power. The current Republican leadership is blowing the job interview and doesn’t realize it. So how does | Read More »