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    Gee, Mr. Wehner—I thought I WAS sentient

    My last mention of Peter Wehner in these pages, while somewhat critical, was made with genuine respect. I thought he’d been more fair than most of Ted Cruz’s critics as he tried to fathom the concerns of Tea Party conservatives. While the post by Mr. Wehner I was commenting on didn’t directly address Cruz, it did talk at some length about the people to whom | Read More »

    The Tapper Litmus Test

    A war has broken out on my Twitter timeline It pits a shocking number of right wingers against Jake Tapper over an intense exchange with author and former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell over Afghanistan and that battle that led to the book that led to a movie. Folks are taking sides. First the background: Betsy Rothstein Yesterday, in The Mirror (Glenn Beck ridiculously scolds CNN’s | Read More »

    Coping with the Fear of Their Own Shadow Caucus

    Last Sunday evening, after watching video of Ted Cruz that morning battling David Gregory on Meet the Press, I realized I was looking at the future—or at least the potential future—of how to win this thing. Not the budget battle or Obamacare, per se, but this thing. This battle between limited, constitutional government and the overwhelming firepower of entrenched progressivist thinking that pervades government, journalism, | Read More »

    What Color is Your Racism?

    I’ve been blocked a few times. This time’s easily the most bizarre. I guess it began when I tweeted a thought based on the seemingly universal need for closure as a multiplier in the reaction to Zimmerman’s acquittal. Much of the impetus behind the Zimmerman case isn't racial. It's Americans making the need for closure after tragedy an insatiable idol. — Charles Flemming (@ChasFlemming) July 14, | Read More »

    UPDATED: Stupid Drone Tricks

    This is probably my favorite example of a drone who thinks he’s bested his conservative adversary. Then doesn’t see his mistake, even after he’s been called on it. Repeatedly. This little exchange was part of a longer thread debating attempts by legislatures to “control” a woman’s body. One pro lifer makes a good point. A second responds with an even better one. (NOTE: Sorry you | Read More »

    She says this as if it’s a bad thing.

    Megan O’Neil, writing in Bloomberg: The current U.S. Congress, facing a backlog of unfinished business and sliding approval ratings, is on pace to clear fewer bills than its predecessor — which had the least number of measures signed into the law since modern record keeping began in the 1940s. She says this as if Congress not passing a lot of unproductive or even damaging laws is | Read More »

    What if making Obamacare work never was the real plan?

    Day before yesterday I had this thought: What if Obama never intended Obamacare to actually happen? Or maybe, didn’t care? He had something else in mind… Then came the 4th of July, and came across a few bits of Alternate History. First I read Paul Pirie’s “The American Revolution was a flop” in the Washington Post, where the author (“former historian” and “freelance writer” living in | Read More »

    How she Blew it—What Wendy Davis SHOULD Have Done, but Didn’t

    What not to do if you want to survive and thrive as a politician in Texas. Something national Democrats and Pro Choicers—and most of the press—fail to grasp about Wendy Davis, her filibuster, and the national swoon over her, is that Wendy Davis went off the rails in Texas. Pro choice forces there and nationally—at least temporarily—have wrecked Democrats’ hopes of turning Red State Texas | Read More »

    heckuva job, Nappy…

    In answer to those who diminish the prospect of firing Janet Napolitano as merely symbolic, may we perhaps remind everyone that there is no such thing as “merely” symbolic? Especially in politics, where symbolism is often all that counts? Nappy is Obama’s Brownie. She’s doing a heckuva job, isn’t she? Here’s a key difference between Brownie and Nappy: Brownie was incompetent and distracted while Nappy | Read More »

    Erick Erickson and “The Power of Plain Speaking”

    I’ve been hammering Erick (and some of his fellow bloggers on the right) lately for what I think are over-generalized, over-heated, over-the-top criticisms of various Republican Senate leaders. I’ve gotten a lot out of the resulting back-and-forth. Not sure any minds have been changed, but it’s good to hash out the logic and be challenged on our rhetoric. Yesterday, on his RedState blog, Erick posted | Read More »