I’m Outraged Over the Faux Outrage from Those Living in Glass Houses.

    It doesn’t matter if one supports Trump or despises him to recognize that the media and candidates from both Parties are gleefully using a nutcase from his townhall last night to paint Trump as the crazy one in the crowd. This is ludicrous on so many levels. Did you notice Trump’s first reaction to the guy? He thought the nut’s setup sentences were less than serious when Trump said, “We | Read More »

    Just for Holiday Fun: Fast Forward to Nov. 8, 2016. Who Do you Think Will Win the Presidential Election?

    All signs point in one direction. The 30% of likely Republican voters polled who support Trump are Trumpettes or Trumpsters or a plethora of other names that insinuate they are simpletons or country bumpkins. They have no brain and are incapable of thinking for themselves, like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Maybe some are, but surely not all 30%. They obviously need a paid | Read More »

    Trump Played the RNC with His Ace Card to Narrow the Field. It’s a Yooge Deal!

    Trump became one of the King Makers in the last couple of elections, just like Sheldon Aldelson and the Koch brothers, where nearly every candidate made the trek to Trump Tower in order to garner favor and money. Today, in desperation, Reince Priebus made the trip to meet with the King Maker and kissed his ring. He must be jubilant that he got The Republican Pledge signed by | Read More »

    Can Anyone Stop the Momentum of Trump-motion and Bern-Motion in Their Tracks?

    I am not a witch Trumpette. I am a political junkie and enjoy sharing my observations with fellow full-time followers and expect disagreements amongst the dedicated. That being said, let the cow flinging begin because I’m nearly certain that Trump will be the Republican nominee. Why? Because it’s hard to stop a fast-moving train that’s gone off the rails of political correctness like we’ve never seen before in | Read More »

    Blame the Press for The Trump Show Mess Success

    Preface: This diary is not about the RS Gathering decision or supporting Trump; it’s about the Trump phenomenon and his rise in the polls. Full disclosure, I started writing this on July 30, before the debates, after seeing all the diaries written about the rise of Trump being attributed the GOP leaders, McConnell and Boehner. Shock and awe! The media still can’t believe Trump is ahead | Read More »

    Obama to Hillary: You’re Fired! Turns out, he has more room Under His Bus.

    It seems like a year ago when WAPO and NYT published the first hit pieces on HRC’s use of a personal email account which got worse with the revelation that she had a home server. I had a feeling back then that something was afoot as these papers usually support and provide cover for those they favor, as in nearly everyone with a “-D”. Of course it was just a few months ago | Read More »

    The Purgings Will Continue Until No Conservatives Remain

            Boehner is busy flogging removing more Representatives from their chairmanships for having the audacity to vote  their own conscience. As we have all learned, voting for the procedural rule(s) typically leads to passage of a bill. So in order to stop Obamatrade and protest that the Leaders were working too closely with Democrats on the bill, 34 Republicans voted against the rule. Well | Read More »

    The Hypocrisy of the Left’s Premise that “It Takes a Village” to Raise a Child

    Baltimore is just the latest example of failed liberal policies on display that led to the expected outcome of civil unrest. Sadly a young man died and it finally served as the straw that broke the camel’s back. Make no mistake, the discontent amongst its citizenry was already nearing the boiling point. Some of the stats from WSJ paint a clear picture of a non-functioning large city | Read More »

    Hillary Owes Americans the Truth About the Cause of Her Concussion. Trust Is Earned.

    Exactly what is going on with elder Senators? Should we be concerned about, say broken ribs, black eyes and concussions? Reid is still sporting sunglasses months after his “exercise” accident caused his concussion and Hillary wore those coke glasses for months after she “fell in her home” which caused her concussion. Neither story is very plausible. A snap of an exercise band shouldn’t cause that much lasting damage | Read More »

    What Part of Illegal Does Our Government Not Understand? Rule of Law, Immigration and Racial Divide.

    Our country has arrived in the rabbit hole where up is down, down is up and absolutely nothing makes sense anymore. It didn’t happen overnight but clearly accelerated over the last six years. We have gone over the edge where the rule of law is meaningless to our federal government yet We the People are still held to account when citizens break a law knowingly or | Read More »

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