CDC Says Don’t Panic but Relies on The Honor System for Our Safety

    The CDC among other agencies tells us that we shouldn’t panic in the face of an epidemic and then posts on their websites that we can expect more of the same. There are several cases where a government agency identifies a problem after the fact and then tells us to expect more of the problem as if they are powerless to effect change to an | Read More »

    It’s Official. We Have FenceGate and Should Call it Like it Is.

    Today the Director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, testified at the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee. I watched most of the hearing and like almost every other so-called phony scandal, the blunders by the SS seem to boil down to a culture problem. Which is weird since the president is supposed to be so worldly and culturally gifted that he finds it boring to talk | Read More »

    Move Over Julia. Jennifer Wants Her Share Too and Is Very Jealous of Fräulein Andrea.

    (photo by cheriedurbin on  Remember all the fun we had mocking The Life of Julia?* She was the poster child for the Democrat’s dream of controlling a single woman from cradle to grave by the benevolent government and its fantastic programs for getting ahead at the expense of other taxpayers. That was released in May 2012 by an outside campaign, just a few months before | Read More »

    Did Obama Start His Faux War to Save His Presidency?

    Because let’s face it, he was dragged kicking and screaming into this war against his stated will. We’re witnessing the equivalent of the People were the cart while the president was the horse, to use his idiom. Many a president are flagging at this point in their second term. Some have been saved by their hawkish resolve and others have cemented their legacy with diplomatic achievements late in their | Read More »

    Weekend Open Thread- Get Ready to Rumble in Texas: Greg Abbott vs. Wendy Davis

    Get your popcorn ready for the first gubernatorial debate between Greg Abbott in one corner and Wendy Davis in the other corner. They will square off at 6-7 CDT in the Rio Grande Valley and it will be aired at 10:00pm EDT on C-SPAN for the country’s entertainment enjoyment. It seems that Abbott should tie one hand behind his back to make the debate fair but remarkably, he’s only | Read More »

    (Update) Obama to Iraq: No US Aid Until an Inclusive Government. Does Iran Count?

    (picture of Iran’s Quds Force courtesy of AP via Free Beacon) The president was insistent that the newly formed Iraqi government be an inclusive one to include Sunnis and Kurds before he would start an air campaign to degrade ISIS. That was part of the reason for his dithering while ISIS was charging towards Baghdad. On a side note, did Obama insist the new government had Christian | Read More »

    (Open Thread) White House: We Have a Strategy But Don’t Start Until We Say GO!

    Denis McDonough made the Sunday talk show rounds and sounded confident about the president’s strategy to defeat ISIS. It seemed his major purpose for his appearances was to cajole Congress into giving Obama authorization to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels in order to prevent the need to send US troops into Syria. From The Hill: “Everybody believes there has to be someone on the ground, some ground force, | Read More »

    Live Open Thread… This Is Your War Mr. President. Can We Talk?

    I’m not a betting sort of person but it’s fun to play one when no money is on the line. Odds are that the president will be late to speak as usual. And I’m betting that he will not use the word war once. I could be wrong. He won’t use the word Islamist Extremist either but we will hear extremists. He won’t blame Bush | Read More »

    The Twists and Turns of The Immigration Bluffers and The Bluffees.

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave: When first we practice to deceive!” Obama drew a red line on acting unilaterally on some type of immigration reform by the end of the summer with his pen and phone because Congress didn’t act to his likening. He likes drawing red lines and then pretending he never drew a red line, see Syria: “I didn’t set a | Read More »

    Labor Day OPEN THREAD- Obama’s Problems on ISIS Crisis: Analysis Paralysis, Decidophobia and Pivot Bigot

    Maybe Lucy is right about Obama at the 1:33 mark, maybe he as Pantiphobia: The Fear of Everything! Clearly everyone was anxiously awaiting to hear what the president’s plan to defeat ISIS was in his presser on Thursday. What we didn’t expect to hear were his now-famous six words that were heard around the world in less than 60 seconds: “We don’t have a strategy | Read More »

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