Organizing for America- Is this BHO’s “Civilian National Security Force”?

    The transformation of a political campaign organization, Obama for America, into a political action organization, Organizing for America, is really creepy and should be illegal. So Michelle O announces it in a video, Obama endorses it with an email and yet it is supposed to follow the IRS rules, of a 501(c)4 organization. From,, “a 501(c)4 organization can have lobbying on legislation as its primary purpose, “The | Read More »

    Accountability Dodgeball…Not a Game for Weaklings or Whiners

    Our government has failed us miserably. The debt is out of this world due to phony accounting gimmicks that should send many Congressmen the way of Bernie Madoff or Bernie Ebbers*, special interest deals both internally and externally within the Executive Branch and Congress, and a multitude of other acts of malfeasance that must keep our founding fathers turning like a rotisserie chicken in their graves. The | Read More »

    Congrats to the 112th Congress! The Worst Ever…

    For those that think I jest about gridlock, well I’m not joking. Call me crazy if you will. Many stories abound on the news and on-line media that this is the worst Congress ever; just do a search on “bills passed in the 112th Congress” and you’ll get all kinds of opinions that this 112th Congress was the least productive ever: *According to a Huffington Post review | Read More »

    It’s Time to Play TRUTH or DARE!

    TRUTH or DARE! Such a silly game some of us played as children that in the end, had no real consequences beyond embarrassment. Unfortunately it’s not a joke watching our elected leaders play chicken with our lives. It’s also not surprising since most of them only care about their next election so they’ll do just about anything, including obfuscate, exaggerate, and outright lie, in order | Read More »

    A Societal Conundrum in America

    Why is it that in our sophisticated society we don’t have blueprint for economic success? It occurred to me that we have rules, theorems, how-to’s, etc. for everything except how to keep our economy thriving (a major exception is perhaps how to be a good parent or if one is ready to be one so let’s leave that aside). This seems so basic that a 5th grader | Read More »

    What if Apple was called Lemon? What’s in a name? And is it Time for a Change?

    Did you know that Google search engine was originally called BackRub? Hmm, that’s weird. First, a couple words about our circular firing squad- STOP IT! We started this nonsense in the primary and are continuing it after our loss while the left is laughing at us all the way to the presidency. Sure I had my moments of spite a few days ago with my, | Read More »


    Four more years worth of cake is the least of the guilty pleasures due to those Americans who voted this demonic person back into office. If the majority of people are so misinformed to vote this man back into office, who has done nothing but harm this country for four years and blame all of the results of his failed policies on someone else, then | Read More »

    There’s a Crack in THE DOME. How’s it Going to End?

    Cameras in place, cue the lights, turn up the mics. And action. Into our view is the most elaborate stage ever seen for a political convention with the enormous Greek columns flanking the stage with two huge video screens displaying colossal images of the Democratic nominee, inevitably our new presidential American idol. Indeed a monumental stage built in the image of ancient times for a Greek God | Read More »

    Mr. President, Open Up Your Town Halls and Answer Some Real Questions. If I was a Reporter with Clout, Here is My Interview.

    Mr. President, you have repeatedly claimed to be the torch bearer for the middle class. Yet everything you do seems to  hurts the middle class. The economy isn’t growing enough to even keep up with population growth. Why not let the New Media press ask you questions rather than just the MSM that has favored you from the start? You also said you would have the most transparent administration in history. Please | Read More »

    Today is a BIG Day: 313,857,116 is the Basis of the New Obamatax Math

    Today is a BIG day! According to the U.S Census Bureau, the population on 7/2/2012 will be 313,857,116. See the stats here: Strangely it states that the projections do not include members of the Armed Forces overseas, their dependents, or other U.S. citizens residing outside the United States. I can’t explain why the Bureau eliminated our most honored but that’s besides the point. And approximately | Read More »