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    Patriots vs Seahawks

    Hey everyone! Just checking in after a while and a half. Been busy with school and did some travel, fell in love, had my heart broken, am recovering. That last part – I’m referring to tonight’s loss by Green Bay, but really the last 5 minutes were just ugh, guys, can we R-E-L-A-X a bit LESS please? Anyway. Rodgers done us proud. Next year, man. | Read More »

    the liberals fear Scott Walker

    So my lib exgf fwded me this piece from The New Republic (a liberal magazine) and it’s basically exactly what I’ve been saying forever here. to recap what i have been saying first: Walker is the only candidate who can beat Hillary because he is an authentic conservative, governs by conservative values, and actually persuades independent voters to support conservative values. He won his recall | Read More »

    why Jeb will run

    He’s going to run. The reason is simple: you can’t say “we’re tired of having another Bush run” because his opponent is another Clinton. Hillary running makes it possible for Jeb to be immune to the biggest obstacle. He’s going to lose. His position on immigration is too moderate and he’s not going to get any love during the primaries. He will probably win the | Read More »

    Scott Walker does not support amnesty

    Walker does NOT support amnesty unless you are defining amnesty in a completely extreme way. clarified the issue with him in an interview:   <blockquote>Towards the end of the interview, Bannon noted that “Amnesty is about the sovereignty of the country.” But, he asked Walker, “the Washington Post said earlier that you’re pro-pathway to citizenship.” “See now that’s where they take it out of | Read More »

    proof that they fear Scott Walker

    They have been trying to take down Scott Walker forever because they know he is the only one who can beat Hillary, because he is the one who even took Obama’s voters away, because he is the only guy who can be both honest about conservativism policy and sell it to the purple state audience proving that conservative values if done right are american values | Read More »

    Ryan-Murray deal, the details [Copyright infringement removed]

    here’s what is being reported by wonkblog and other sites. Bottom line: no new taxes. Deficit reduced by 20 billion. sequestration on defense cut in half.   no we dont get 100% of what we want but thats the nature of compromise and not holding the Presidentcy.   detail of the plan: [The part of this post where the author copy-pasted Ezra Klein has been | Read More »

    why should there be any sales tax at all?

    I don’t know enough about economics to have a good opinion. My opinion is just my gut feeling and I am happy to be educated. I used to think a VAT tax was a good idea but someone here at RedState gave me some links a while back that showed it wasn’t. I just feel that arguing about whether one sales tax is good because | Read More »

    rebranding conservatism – the Superhero

    I am really disturbed at people who say we should let Ocare burn and then people will vote for conservatism from the ashes. We need to do what we can to stop bad things, not let them happen and then pick up pieces. We need to be always trying to stop the big bad, even if we fail, we have to be seen making the | Read More »

    in a WSJ oped, Governor Walker shows us how to win

    Governor Walker has an oped in the WSJ and it’s totally amazing.   excerpt As governor of the state, my administration reformed collective bargaining in the public sector against enormous odds, turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $760 million surplus, and cut taxes. In response to the union reform, opponents mounted a recall election in 2012. It was contentious—yet after enduring a hundred | Read More »

    House bill pulled – Plan B from outer space all over again

    So Boehner pulls the bill from the floor.   So hello Senate bill.   It’s plan B all over again.   I’m just amazed at how dysfunctional our conservative caucus is.   They just gave Boehner the cover he needs to pass a clean surrender with Dem votes.   Watch tomorrow. Senate will send their bill to the House and Boehner will bring it to | Read More »