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    We Can Deny Either Trump or Clinton Electoral College Majority

    Good article for any conservative who is against Trump or Clinton. I believe if we can identify a conservative alternative candidate to Trump and run on a third party platform, it is possible to deny either Trump or Clinton necessary electoral college votes if the candidate is able to win a couple of states that is enough to prevent a electoral college majority for either | Read More »

    A Different Christian Perspective on Clifweston’s Idea

    At first, I thought Erick Erickson’s short diary, “This Idea Beats Forced Service to Homosexual Marriage” was a great idea on how to take the fight to the gay couples who demand the Christian-owned bakeries to make wedding cakes for their gay weddings.  Telling the gay couples that the proceeds from the sale of custom-made wedding cakes would be donated to the organizations fighting the | Read More »

    The Myth of Abortion Recipe in the Bible

    All too often the Bible is twisted to suit anyone’s political or religious belief, no matter how outlandish it is.  In the battle on abortion, many activists on the Left are quick to point out that the Bible condones abortion even as on the other side many Christians are quick to counter with the Bible to condemn abortion and support the sanctity of life as | Read More »

    Is NSA Surveillance Program Evil?

    I am sure that NSA surveillance program has achieved a lot in saving American innocent lives from potential terrorist attacks and to protect our country’s strategic interests from foreign powers. I believe that for now NSA’s (or any intelligence agency for that matter) purpose isn’t evil and is operating within the confines of the law. So, how should Christians view NSA surveillance program in the | Read More »

    President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

    Here is the full text of President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation issued on October 3, 1789. One thing that’s very interesting about this little piece of history is that it’s full of religious overtures.  Can you imagine Obama issuing that kind of proclamation?  Or for that matter,  the current Congress decreeing a special day of thanksgiving to be held as a way of blessing the | Read More »

    The Trouble Isn’t With NSA Spying On Us

    It’s good for us to revisit the issue of balancing between preserving our cherished civil liberties and the need for security measures in order to safeguard peace for Americans.  If we don’t revisit the issue now and again, it will mean we’re complacent and take the civil liberties for granted.  We shouldn’t take anything for granted. But this diary isn’t about Edward Snowden or NSA | Read More »

    Personhood Issue: Aggravated Murders vs Abortions

    Ariel Castro is being charged with multiple counts of aggravated murders for each time a pregnancy resulted in miscarriage by physically abusing 3 women held in captivity for a decade.  Ohio has a provision in its law that allows the prosecutor to charge a person with a count of aggravated murder if done with the intent of forcing a pregnant woman to terminate her pregnancy | Read More »

    Dear Redstate, An Important Message From A Minority Voter

    I’m not sure where to start, but since everyone here is concerned about how GOP can reach out to the minority voters with a winning message that will resonate with them.  So, that’s where I will start.  I am one of few minority voters who voted for Romney.

    Which Comes First, People or Government?

    [promoted from the diaries as part of the Ambitious Writer’s Program] Which comes first, egg or chicken?  It’s a philosophical question that could be answered either way.  There is really no right or wrong answer to this question.  Ever since Obama spoke foolishly out of his mouth with his now infamous quote, “You didn’t build that,” as if business must depend on some assistance from | Read More »

    Let’s Turn The Table on Obama

    For years, President Obama has been pushing for tax increases on the wealthy class.  One of the most recent tax proposals put forward is the so-called Buffet Rule, based on the billionaire Warren Buffet’s article written in New York Times, in which he revealed a supposedly shocking fact, he paid less in taxes than his secretary.  He argued that anybody making over $1 million is already super-rich | Read More »