Ph.D. Chemistry, Johns Hopkins, 1994. Organic and organometallic chemist since 1995. Owner of Criterion Chemical, a single member LLC, established October, 2008. Strict Constitutionalist. Tea Partier. American Exceptionalist. Deist. Registered voter. Never voted for a Democrat in my life, and don't see why I should start now. I have a bad habit of not letting false statements go unchallenged.


    Christie on RGGI: “It’s a Failure.”

    I’ll go so far as to say that I am thrilled that Chris Christie, my Governor here in New Jersey for whom I am proud to have voted, has planted his foot right in Lisa Jackon’s RGGI.  In so many words says Phil Kerpen, VP of Americans for Prosperity in this article: This, in response to his announcement to pull out of the initiative today: The Governor | Read More »

    I need help with my mother.

    She sent me this, the latest ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA propaganda on Barack Obama’s “Patient Bill of Rights”: Needless to say I’m disappointed with my own mother for toeing the line where our noob President is concerned.  Apparently she’s out to convince other members of our family now, shamelessly, that this 2700 page travesty is a good thing.  I’d like some help in refuting any or all | Read More »

    Observation on the Euro from the cheap seats.

    The last (actually the first) time I went to Europe, it was on a trip to Italy.  That was in May of 2001. back when it was just me and the wife, we were sufficiently flush with the necessary, a fistful of tranquilizers was easier to come by, and flying planes into buildings in an act of Islamofacist terrorism was just a twinkle in Osama bin Laden’s | Read More »

    Stupak retires — it’ll be a victory when a Conservative’s in the seat.

    Keep your eyes on the Prize.  I have no doubt (although I have no proof) that Stupak’s retirement is engineered to satiate some vengeful feelings on both sides: The pro-Life Democrats don’t have a turncoat as a target anymore. The Republicans don’t have the villain that allowed the Nation Health Care Act to pass anymore. Conservatives of either party can no longer use Stupak as | Read More »

    300 — The TEA Party Meeting in Morristown, NJ.

    The Morristown, NJ, TEA Party holds a monthly meeting.  I go to all the events, but I haven’t attended the regular meetings because, as a fledgling entrepreneur, I attend a business meeting which almost always falls on the same Thursday.   Considering the events of the last week, I decided to adjust my priorities slightly.  After all, if the politics in this country doesn’t stabilize in favor of the individual | Read More »


    I refuse. I refuse to pay.  I will not be forced to pay for a product that I choose not to buy, whether it is mandated by the 111th Congress or not.  I exercise my Constitutional right to refuse to pay excise taxes of any kind.  Excise taxes are forbidden and their passage is meaningless under the Constitution. I refuse to obey.  It is my | Read More »

    I have family that lives in Wareham, and some in Hanover, MA.

    I got a hold of my cousins in Wareham (don’t know about Hanover).  Husband and wife, no children, either have lost work (and found new work) within a year of today.  Both are going out after work to put the final nail in the Coakley coffin (speaking figuratively, of course).   Local news tells my cousin that Brown is up (count ’em) 17% in the Wareham | Read More »

    How about a little Comfort ? (USNS Comfort, that is…)

    Concerned about actions for the disaster in Haiti, I called Naval Command Services, who directed me through to their Public Affairs Dept for the USNS Comfort.  Comfort is the world-famous US Naval floating hospital currently in port in Baltimore, Md.  Comfort was a BIG deal when I was at Johns Hopkins, the pride of the medical community in the area, and of Baltimore itself.  Served in | Read More »

    NJ bill for gay marriage defeated 20 nay to 14 yea

    I think the state legislature win-loss tally is now 0-whatever. Still batting 0.000

    A glimpse of the Progressive vision of America.

    Most people hear about homes being sold for less money than it takes to run the TV all year in Detroit.  I wouldn’t recommend traveling there this time of year.  Come to think of it, I would recommend traveling there any time of year, after seeing the photo documentary.   I see this future for the United States in short order, should the progressive movement reign | Read More »