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    WANT TO WIN IN 2014? Send this letter to your Republican Governor and/or Secretary of State

    If your state does not have required photo voter ID, request that your governor and secretary of state (especially if republican) do the following:
    1.) Work to install a REQUIRED PHOTO VOTER ID law in your state.
    2.) Require that your state return to a voting ballot machine or require a complete audit of all of your voting software.
    3.) Work to eliminate the possibility for internet registration fraud.
    (Letter to send is included.)

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    Why 2014 Won’t Matter Without Voter ID

    Voting integrity must be returned to the voting booth and it is a monumental task. The DFF (Democrat Fraud Factor) has permeated all states in the Union. But most of us know that where there was Voter Photo ID, Obama lost. In 2014 and beyond, it is my contention that the only way Dems can win elections is through fraud. And they will, if not stopped BEFORE 2014. Literally EVERYTHING you need to be a DAILY PATRIOT is included in this blog. GIDDY UP!

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    Before and After: Why Life Has Forever Changed After Obama’s Re-election

    Many would agree that early evening on November 6th, 2012, life took a decidedly downward turn. Conservative pundits tried to put a positive spin on the spiraling tallies but deep inside many of us, we felt a deep foreboding. We backed off watching the news, listening to talk radio or reading blogs and some of us have still not yet gotten back to our regular | Read More »

    An Open Letter to My Kids

    Tomorrow night I’m going to bed knowing I have done everything I can to save this country. I’ve made phone calls, walked in parades, contributed more than I could afford to conservative candidates, walked streets I never knew to try to convince people what was happening and how they needed to vote. Did I wake up late to the reality of liberalism? Yes. But I’m not going down quietly–without a fight. Grandpa was a proud Democrat when the Democrats had morals–before they made a far-left turn. He died a staunch Conservative and I will do the same.

    After Tuesday, I don’t know what the forecast will be for our liberty. I sincerely doubt America can withstand another four years of untethered liberalism. It is my fervent prayer that you wake to the reality before all your liberties are gone and that you begin to act every day to keep or regain them. That will mean beginning to read more, getting involved locally, and knowing for what and why you are voting (and reading my emails once in awhile)!

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    Vote NO on IL Amendment 49

    Rather than posture another piece of wool over the Illinois taxpayers’ eyes, the Illinois legislature should do the hard work of working in unison to create real reforms to our pension woes removing us from the fiscal cliff and back on a road to recovery.
    Before voting for this bill, you need to ask yourself–do you trust Springfield? If so, vote yes. If not, vote no.

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    Walsh vs Duckworth=Reagan vs Communism

    Joe Walsh is a true conservative, one with backbone and integrity, who will never compromise the Constitution or his principles. He reminds us of Ronald Reagan who was the same kind of man. The one thing Joe doesn’t do well is spin a tale–as in Tammy’s case–a fairy tale of “what you’ll get if you vote for me.” He’s not about handouts–but rather about saving the country and that includes the 8th district in Illinois
    Ms. Duckworth can best be described as a controversial ultra-liberal, tax and spend Progressive heavily funded by out-of-state special interests and the Chicago machine. Congressman Walsh has been described as a ‘controversial Tea Party-backed freshman’  who has been particularly vocal in urging Congress to reduce spending and cut taxes. One might say that for the 8th district, Tammy is John Kerry and Joe Walsh is Reagan. I’ll vote for Reagan–and Joe Walsh every time.

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    The Red Coats Are Coming

    …Conservative activists are exhausted–emotionally–physically–psychologically….this depletion of energy is further exacerbated by an uphill battle to get the truth to those who can change our country–the American voter. This MUST be how the Founders felt. Farmers without training came out of their small homes with rifles and guns to band together to fight against the enemy who would steal their liberty. They, too, for different reasons, had no one to tell them everything would be OK…

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    What it comes down to is two simple pictures…

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    Only Strength Will Save America

    America has lost its image of strength around the world because we have a weak and compliant leader. Yesterday’s events prove this point more than any words can say.

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    Republican Campaign Volunteers Need Organization and Direction!

    A little bit of organization in the local GOP will go a very long way, save time, frustration and gain voters not to mention keep valuable volunteers from leaving the ranks. We have no time to lose in this fight to save the country and our warriors are ready and willing. They just need direction.

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