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    Fighting Voter Fraud in Illinois and in America

    Tonight I joined our local 9/12 Project meeting in Aurora, IL and heard spokesperson for Defend the Vote Sharon Merconi speak. Ms. Merconi is a woman dynamo fighting voter fraud in our state. We can learn a lot from her. What I heard tonight was both depressing and inspiring. Growing up in Chicago, we always knew there was voter fraud. In fact the voter fraud | Read More »

    Martin Luther King Would Vote Against Obama

    Martin Luther King must have been spinning in his grave when Mr. Obama tried to use the Washington DC dedication for MLK’s memorial as a campaign feather. Again, our disingenuous leader spewed out another speech to further an agenda he has never acted upon. From American Thinker: When Barack Obama was elected as the president of the United States, black liberals dreamily believed that the | Read More »

    The Flea Party’s Uphill Battle

    …To many top Democrats the OWS {Occupy Wall Street} crew looks like a winning candidate as the answer to the Tea Party. Except that it isn’t. The Tea Party is comprised of working Americans who want the government to get out of their faces. They are advocates for smaller governments with less spending and more mindful of the Constitution. OWS, on the other hand, is | Read More »

    The Case for Herman Cain

    We need to take note of Herman Cain–could it be the liberal radicals are getting a little nervous about him? Yes they’re just a little nervous–but it is noteworthy–MSNBC–whom Rush Limbaugh likes to call “PMS-NBC”–posted an article called, “Why Herman Cain is Angry” highlighting how upset he is in his “lack of support.” Another liberal Hollywood celebrity, Morgan Freeman, has come out in a story | Read More »

    Liberals Can NEVER Again Be In Power

    We were complacent: Happy in an America that provided us with more than any other country in the world. As children, when we said our prayers, we thanked God we were born in this country. We grew up with parents telling us, “Eat your supper, the children in Europe are starving!” As we grew up, we became accustomed to owning two or more cars, several | Read More »

    Heads in the Sand and the 80-Day Peril

    It is one thing to not know your country is falling apart so you do nothing but a lot of us actually KNOW America is on the brink of disaster and we do have to do more than vote. With the evil we face in Obama, “just voting” is no longer enough. With only 80 days before the mid-term elections, doing nothing is a peril we can’t afford to take.

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    Individualism v.s. The Lame-Duck Congress

    “…we have come now to a crossroads–a very dangerous crossroads–where Individualism is at a precipice of extinction and Collectivism is about to become the law of the land–moving us in the direction of European socialism all against the will of the electorate….via the lame-duck congress session in November”

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    Obama’s Political Nose is Growing

    As I’ve grown older, I learned many lessons from other people’s lies. I learned that lies kill relationships, end jobs, destroy families and careers. But on the way to those things, deception can buy a lot. I’ve been fooled in relationships and I’ve worked next to liars who smiled while they back-stabbed and sabotaged yet climbed right past me stepping on their falsehoods like rungs on a ladder.

    And that is how we got our president.

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    Little Kids and the Liberal Sex Ed Movement

    In Obama’s America, it is not surprising to read about the Helena Montana Public School Board considering a graphic sexual curriculum for preschool and primary students. The proposal will be voted on by the board next month. The Montana Family Foundation is fighting the proposal which includes in part, the promotion of homosexuality and the various ways people can have intercourse.

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    Wandering For Generations Toward Despotism

    The importance of getting authentic conservatives into Congress cannot be overstated. November 2010 truly is our last opportunity to save America. There will not be another one. Like the Jews who became complacent with all God had done for them and ended up wandering the desert for 40 years, so we will be consigned to a different way of life for us and for our descendants for generations to come.

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