Scott Walker vs Jerry Brown Train Edition

    Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was criticized by Democrats for turning down federal stimulus money for a high speed train between the two Democrat cities of Milwaukee and Madison.  In Walker’s view the State would be on the hook for added costs and cost over-runs were inevitable.  Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, to Democrat praise,  took different tack in California and opted to take the cash | Read More »

    Executive & Military Experience Needed for Next U.S. President

    Since WWII only two Presidents have had zero military service.  Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama.  Obama also had zero executive experience. After 8 years of mismanagement and the 3 o’clock calls being answered by Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton and Swift Boat Kerry.  We greatly need a President with executive experience and a Commander in Chief who served honorably in the military.  Very few of the | Read More »

    Best Commander in Chief in 2016??

    In 2016, I will be looking to vote for a Commander in Chief. Of the likely candidates who would make the best Commander in Chief and why? Which Republican?  Which Democrat?

    Democrats, Defend the Constitution, or Resign.

    If you cannot fight for America; if you cannot speak out against your party’s despotism; resign. Your President breaks the law.  He releases terrorists in exchange for a deserter, flaunting his contempt for Congress. The Attorney General is a perjurer held in contempt. Dozens upon dozens of Democrat scandals with major Administration Democrats lying repeatedly to the American people; Rice, Holder, Carney, Clinton, Clapper and not the | Read More »

    The Gay A&Emperor has no clothes

    Phil Robertson made a common sense statement about anatomy. Protected by monopoly practices in the cable industry, Hearst & Disney/ABC owned A&E tries to punish Mr. Robertson for his point of view. Robertson’s plain spoken statement, which is anatomically and psychologically correct from a normal male’s point of view, was expressed outside his A&E program. His opinion was in response to questions asked by interviewers. | Read More »

    Obama’s White Guilt, “Civil Rights Leaders” & Lazy Journalists

    Lazy and self-referential journalists are the only reason that in 2013 there are “civil rights leaders”. No conservative today is ever referenced as such. Instead today’s “civil rights leaders” are the self-enriching “poverty pimps”, their supporters for whom time has stopped in the 1960s, and the perpetually aggrieved. This last group sorrowfully have never grown into an adulthood of being productive citizens. They do not | Read More »

    “White African” Pres. Obama speaks out on Zimmerman acquittal

      Think we will ever see that in the New York Times? “White Hispanic” indeed. A honest conversation about race means that when the newspaper of record sets a racial narrative because one of a person’s parents is “white” while the other parent is not, then why does not that same newspaper of record treat Mr. “If I had a son, he would look like | Read More »

    Rule of Law Dying in America

    The US Supreme Court shows no restraint in assuming legislative power as evidenced by the DOMA strike down. Activist mobs in Texas and Wisconsin interfere with the legislative process drowning out any civil discussion or civility in process. Bondholder rights summarily taken away to enrich Unions in GM bankruptcy. Congressmen trade stocks on companies in real time while they legislate laws that move the stock | Read More »

    Democrats strike another blow against the rule of law

    Democrats always make exceptions for their friends. From Geithner to Sebelius to illegal aliens working for Democrat newspapers to enforcement of immigration law. Crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

    2010 Illinois Governor was elected by under 35,000 votes & what it means for Romney

    Here is the map. A relatively unknown Republican from Bloomington running with a 28 year old running mate won all but four counties and lost by fewer than 35,000 votes.  Since then Democrat Governor Quinn has presided over tax increases, pension problems, union layoffs, and there has been a Chicago teachers strike.  Northern Illinois knows that Wisconsin is doing much better under the leadership | Read More »