What if the Green Bay Packers joined a public union?

NFL football players are members of a private sector union, the NFL Players Association, but what if they belonged to a government employee union in symbiosis with the Democrat Party?

Imagine if the 2011 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers football players were members of a public union similar to WEAC the Green Bay, Wisconsin public teachers union. It’s not so far fetched, after all, the community of Green Bay actually owns the football team.

The lowest paid Packer starter on the list was Josh Sitten at $390,980, which is in the ball park for several players having 2-3 years experience. The highest paid player was Greg Jennings who at $16+ million earned over 40 times the pay of Sitton. Contrast this with a Green Bay High School teacher where the lowest paid full time teacher earned about $51,000 in salary and benefits compared to about $110,000 for the highest paid teacher with a Masters degree and many years experience (i.e. about twice the pay). Green Bay teachers pay is assumed to be collectively bargained through WEAC and based upon years experience with increased pay for additional schooling (that is why about half of the GB teachers have Masters degrees, presumably in “Education”). [Note: the last Wisconsin PUD legislature and Democrat Governor passed a law to require teaching the history of labor and collective bargaining in WI public high schools.]

I assume that merit pay is a no no under WEAC contracts, that it is virtually impossible to get rid of a bad performer, that the pay scale would be flattened “Ben and Jerry” style so that a 40 to 1 multiple would be unacceptable (anyone with that high of pay must be in management!), no productivity enhancers, if you play regular offense or defense then you can’t play on special teams (violation of union rules); and starters are based upon seniority. After applying my assumptions here is what the Green Bay Packers football team would be like if collectively bargained like other Green Bay community government employees. I call this the Public Union Democrat (PUD)/ Charles Woodson agreement or PUD/Woodson for short.

The current starting Offensive & Defensive Green Bay Packer lineup, position, years in league and their 2009 salaries and PUD/Woodson adjusted salaries. (Note: all rookies have just received lay off notices needed to balance the Green Bay town budget.)

Pos. Player _____ ___ NFL Yrs _____ 2009 Salary_____ PUD/Woodson adj. Salary

RB Brandon Jackson _____4_____ $465,590 __ replaced by John Kuhn/Senority

FB Korey Hall _________4_____ $466,110 _____$583,332

WR Donald Driver ____12_____ $6,107,280 _____$916,660

WR Greg Jennings _____5_____ $16,251,300 _____$624,998

TE Andrew Quarless __Rookie__ ———— __Laid Off / Donald Lee plays

LT Chad Clifton _____11_____ $6,373,610 _____$874,994

LG Daryn Colledge _____5_____ $540,980 _____$624,998

C Scott Wells ________7_____ $1,850,000 _____$798,330

RG Josh Sitton ________3_____ $390,980 _____$541,666

RT Bryan Bulaga _____Rookie__ ————- __Laid Off / T.J. Lang plays

QB Aaron Rogers _____6_____ $8,600,000 __benched / Favre still playing


CB Charles Woodson _____13_____ $6,507,280 _____$1,000,000

CB Tramon Williams _____4_____ $905,980 _____$583,332

FS Nick Collins _______6_____ $3,045,000 _____$666,664

SS Charlie Peprah _____5_____ $540,590 ___ splits time with Bigby

NT B. J. Raji ________2_____ $3,970,000 __Howard Green/seniority

DE Ryan Pickett _____10_____ $2,975,000 _____$833,328

DE Cullen Jenkins _____7_____ $3,100,000 _____$798,330

LB Clay Matthews _____2_____ $1,860.000 __splits time with Diyral Briggs

LB A.J. Hawk _________5_____ $3,530,980 ___ Matt Wilhelm/seniority

LB Desmond Bishop ______4_____ $465,460 _____$583,332

LB Erik Walden _______ 3_____ $391,240         _____$541,666

SInce the pay will be based upon seniority in the league and no merit pay is allowed there should be added health benefits.  No need to take unnecessary risks since there is no benefit.  In fact the best course is to ride the bench since your pay will be the same as a starter having the same years experience and you will be less likely to get injured.  The only problem is that most of your team mates will think the same thing so “bench” competition might increase.

I think Charles Woodson’s good to go on this scenario.  At least I think so based upon his public statements in support of PUDs.  It will only cost him $5 million or so, but all for the greater good.  Besides he will still be highest paid Packer so no problem there.  Super Bowl ring in the bag; the prospect of another won’t be enough to stop him from going wobbly.

So if the Packers were a union which one would they be?

Detroit would be the UAW, in more ways than one.

The Bears probably the Teamsters given their legendary elections.

Vikings – SEIU purple?

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