Anyone got a form for teachers to request refund of union dues e.g. in WI, TN, OH?

While a few teachers were calling in sick and getting fraudulent sick notes in the People’s Republic of Madison, many were going to work.  Some of these diligent professionals dread the bad publicity engendered by the bad apples.  Some teachers are concerned about union willingness to trade layoffs for keeping such union “rights” as (1) having the government collect $700 to $1,000 in yearly dues for the union, and (2) avoidance of  votes by its teacher members over the worth of union representation.

Can a volunteer perform a public service to hard working professional teachers, especially those young teachers being figuratively pushed off the sideboards & under the school bus with potential layoffs? Can someone publish a form and checklist suitable for use by a Wisconsin teacher who is compelled by employment to associate with the teacher’s union?  What would be helpful is the needed paperwork for achieving the goal that no dues be spent on political or ideological ads, lobbying, campaigns, etc.,  and that any portion of dues attributable thereto be refunded to the teacher.  Any capable good Samaritans know the ropes for lessening the mischief of compelled political speech, while at the same time compelling the union to allow teachers to retain more of their own money?

P.S. The same need likely exists for teachers in Tennessee, Ohio and other states.  Union money is spent on groups that offend particular teachers’ religious, moral and/or political views.   Governments collecting money from captive employees to be used for speech against their wishes and without prior approval is unconscionable.

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