Fire Chief Tubbs! Restore Rule of Law to WI Capitol.

The mob has validated the propriety of the two hours notice given by the Republicans for the vote. Since the police have escorted the Republicans from the Capitol due to security concerns in view of the mayhem and mob of Democrat protesters, it clearly would have been improvident, and impractical to have given greater notice.
Anarchy, mobs and mayhem rule in the Capitol building. The Capitol Police Chief should be questioned about inadequate security to: (1) ensure the physical safety of government legislators and workers, (2) prevent intimidation by mob in the Capitol, (3) provide fire safety and prevent endangerment due to locked exits and exceeding the building capacity, and (3) the possibility of structural damage to the building. If this were an airport and the TSA handled matters this way, they would be fired promptly. This was foreseeable. This was preventable. This is unsafe and very risky. There is damage to the rule of law. Wisconsin is projecting to the world an atmosphere of unlawfulness and anarchy. People will say that these people are peaceful; but would they remain peaceful in the face of a group of Republicans who enter the Capitol because it is no less their building? The are already complaining that the hated Fox news media are recording without advertising they are from Fox.  Why should that matter?  This is a potentially dangerous situation and the police chief should answer why security was not maintained.  If adequate answers are not forthcoming he should be replaced by someone who can maintain the rule of law in the State Capitol.  This is not a Democrat frat house.  The is shameful.

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