“Union Man” music video & Wisconsin union vote Qs for an incurious press

Here is an excellent Wisconsin political music video that was promoted by WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes.  Note the “fist” symbolism:


Teachers’ unions and union supported Wisconsin school boards are rushing to enter new contracts before the new law comes into effect.  Many questions about these teacher contract votes have been raised.  The media focus is often on open meeting laws for Board consideration of the contracts and on the School Board votes.  However, local media e.g. in Oshkosh are incurious about the teacher side of the equation.  The teacher’s union seemingly agreed to almost anything, as long as (1) the government continued to collect union dues, and (2) there was no vote on union recertification.  One wonders what the teacher view is on being forced to pay $700 – $1,000 in yearly dues for what?

Obvious questions are:

How soon after negotiators reached a tentative deal was the contract placed before the teachers for a vote and when exactly did the teacher’s vote on the contract proposal?

Were all individual teachers provided with a copy of the contract to read ahead of time? If so, how long ahead of their vote?

Was the vote by secret ballot?

What was the final vote breakdown? How many teachers were in favor? How many opposed? How many abstained or did not vote?

(Also, are retired teachers eligible to vote?  If so, do they pay regular dues; how many voted?)

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