66 Conservatives who understand promises and economics

That is how many voted against the budget bill without the promised 3 day wait to uncover the sleaze.

That is how many voted against fakery and political theater over substance.

That is how many who deserve support in the next election.  Some of the new people who ran with tea party support like Ribble and Duffy in Wisconsin and Benishek in Michigan have shown that they can’t be relied upon to stand against a bamboozling Boehner who can’t even pitch and sell a spending freeze when our nation debt is closing in on the market capitalization of ALL U.S. publicly traded companies.  Wisconsin’s Ryan has voted for cuts in covering the “moon with yoghurt”.  Shameless, weak-willed, snookered, mis-guided, call it what you will, but each of my kids should be saddled with $46,000 in federal government debt because we can only elect 66 grownups as our representatives.

Watch the Senate and watch the old pols and “reasonable” people who get appointed to the “Commission”.  It might include a token from the 66, but it won’t include all.  Someone without a spine will sell out the taxpayers, their children and our country’s future by kidding themselves along rather than making the patient take the cod liver oil.

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