Stop the calls for Candidates to drop out. Let the Primaries Proceed.

Why ask for a pre-mature end to the primaries by having Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich drop out? Or any candidate?

Doesn’t the half of the country that has yet to hold its primary have a say in the candidate process?  If they don’t, then the primary process should be radically changed.  If they truly do then end the calls for candidates to drop out.

Who does a long process benefit?  I argue that it benefits the American people and this year the Republican party.  Although agreeing to multiple debates in front of hostile narrative directing media was unwise, the lengthy process has allowed the Republicans to dominant news coverage and created uncertainty for the Democrats over who their target will be.  Each of the flawed Republican candidates did bring their own ideas to the front for debate and consideration and that is healthy for a country.  Frankly I find the calls for candidates to drop out to be akin to the totalitarian mindset of Democrats.  The convention is to select the candidate and the primaries and caucus events are part of the process.   Let it work.  Rest assured in the fall, your favorite candidate may not be elected, but President Obama will be fired.  If you don’t liek the process then work to change it, but don’t try to game it by in effect saying that millions of Republican primary voters do not deserve a opportunity to have their say.

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