Illinois will turn Red State for Romney/Ryan in November

Illinois is winnable for Romney/Ryan.  It should not be written off as a lock for Obama/Biden, C(r)ook County notwithstanding.  Where is the evidence you say?

(1) Illinois is an economic basket case.  The comparison with Republican-led Wisconsin shows in stark contrast the failed tax and spend, drive businesses away and exempt your buddies policies of Illinois with the lower government spending, freedom from forced union dues, business cheering policies of Wisconsin.

(2)  Mark Kirk a Republican won the Illinois Senate seat in 2010.

(3) Quinn, a Democrat did win for Governor in 2010, but he was viewed as a reformer and not part of the Chicago machine.

(4)  Obama is now viewed as a Chicago machine politician.  His pal Rahm Emmanuel is now mayor of Chicago.  Under Rahm, Chicago’s violent gangster past is recalled as Chicago has gained its present reputation as the murder capital of the U.S..  This is Obama’s town, run by Obama’s men.  The Chicago teacher’s union is taking a strike vote soon.  Previous Illinois Republican government in Illinois had banned Chicago teacher strikes.

My prediction.

Downstate will vote Romney/Ryan and turnout big.  The large pro-union city of Rockford, with high unemployment and  unsellable homes is near the Wisconsin border, not far from Janesville.  Many there admire Paul Ryan as a political neighbor, elected by similar pro-union Janesville,  he will be seen as a familiar midwesterner speaking for them on the economy.  The white guilt race vote from the Chicago suburbs in 2012 is a “been there and done that” for these voters; they will in the words of Clint Eastwood “let ‘em go”, and vote for a businessman to create an environment that will help create jobs for their under/un-employed college grad kids.  Chicago will have suppressed turnout.  Yes, the dead will vote there.  However many 2008 Democrat voters will not.   Will the Jewish Democrats vote as a block for the most anti-Jewish President in their lifetime?  I don’t think so.  Chicagoland Jews will not publicly support Romney/Ryan, but they will not pull the lever for Obama/Biden, the knot in their stomach will be too tight.  They won’t want to bear the guilt of what will happen to Israel in the next four years if Obama/Biden remain in charge of foreign policy.  Finally the blacks, hispanics, indians, and women, as least those who care about and follow politics, i.e. those who pay attention, will see competent, powerful, intelligent, respected Republicans Rice, Love, Davis, Rubio, Cruz, Jindal, Haley, etc., etc. and know that from Clarence Thomas to Herb Cain to Allen West, the Republican party may not have the most people who fit the Democrats racial/color quotas, but they do have the BEST people from ALL backgrounds.  People capable of leading as Governors, and as President.  People who value others based upon there ideas and not their skin tone.  The educated know this and we all know that in America anyone can become President.


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