Is this still your Democratic Party? Play on this theme!

A great, great ad theme for Romney/Ryan, and Republicans in general, is found in a new ad “Whose Democratic Party?” being linked to by Drudge.

‘Whose Democratic Party?’ | Washington Free Beacon.

This ad hits against the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel stance of the Obama Democrats.  The same theme could be effectively used to open the minds and convert Democrat supporters in other interest groups whose leaders are bought off by the Democrat Party.

1.  Private sector union members, especially the trade union members.  Play the ad with the Keystone pipeline, gulf  drilling closure and coal mines instead of Israel and ask the same question:  ”Is this still Your Democratic Party?

2.  Catholics & Obamacare.  The effort to compel Catholic Institutions to fund abortion and contraceptive services.  Same end question.

3.  Parents.  Show the Chicago teacher’s strike and the Democrat position on charter schools, vouchers and school choice. Same question: “Is this still Your Democratic Party?”

4.  Blacks. Show the jobs chart;  the unemployment rate for blacks and everyone.  Also, same sex marriage.  Same question.

5.  Big city dwellers.  Show the crime rate in Democrat controlled big cities.  Same question.

6.  Taxpayers/small businessmen.  The “you didn’t build that” quote.  Runaway debt & Regulations.  Higher taxes.  Same question.

7.  Moral hypocrites.  Show the corruption.  Solyndra, Fast & Furious, Holder’s Black Panther Party election suit drop & suits against voter id, the Minnesota voter fraud convictions, the Democrat candidate who voted twice in Maryland and Florida.  Same question.  Make the hypocrites face their hypocrisy.

8.  It would be great if a deep pocket PAC like Americans for Prosperity would take it to Obama & the Democrats right where they have their base i.e. in the big cities especially Chicago by running ads 1-5 plus the original Jewish/Israel ad to hammer home to these groups the folly of their unrequited love for the Democratic Party and its interest group statism.  Ads should show the failure of big cities that have been controlled for decades by essentially a Democrat Party monopoly to graduate and employ their youth as productive members of the private sector rather than induct them into a crime environment as jail fodder.

This would be effective.  People are not that stupid.  They need to be hit over the head with facts that side step the 5th column of the 4th estate.

There are more ads begging to be made and yes keep the Wagner music.  It fits Democrat leaders, those Liberal Fascists, to a tee.


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