Don’t wait; Fund candidates now; my picks.

Some well known Republican candidates seeking funds for re-election are already flush with cash, but many lesser known conservative candidates could use support.  I took a look at cash raised and cash on hand for various Republicans versus their Democrat rivals for the House and Senate.   For the most part, I screened out those candidates who either are (1) far, far behind in money in battle with a Democrat incumbent, or (2) who already have so much of a money lead that extra cash seems pointless.  Instead I wanted to contribute to candidates where the extra cash may help change a “D” to an “R” or keep the seat with a conservative Republican. After all Romney/Ryan need (1) Republican control of both house and Senate and (2) tea party type conservatives. While I cannot say that everyone on my list is the next Jim Demint or Ron Johnson, you could do worse than send some cash to help the campaigns of the following Republicans who are mostly little known outside their state.  The goal is to help elect and re-elect conservatives, hold on to control of the house and gain control of the Senate.  I am not inclined to help RINOS since there are plenty of conservatives that extra cash could help elect.  Here is my list:

15 for the House of Representatives:

WV     Rick Snuffer    www.ricksnuffer.com  There is no reason for this West Virginia coal country seat to remain with the Democrat incumbent.

VA       Patrick Murray    patrickmurrayforcongress.com  This is another potential pick up from a Democrat incumbent.

UT        Mia Love       www.love4utah.com  This candidate you have heard about.  Her cash disadvantage is where she needs help to win this new seat.

OR        Art Robinson      www.artforcongress.com  A solid conservative endorsed by Steve Forbes. Art presents a chance to win in a blue state.

ND       Kevin Cramer    kevincramer.org  Endorsed by economist Arthur Laffer.  North Dakota’s single House seat is at stake.

NC         Richard Hudson    www.richardhudsonforcongress.com  Another take away opportunity to defeat an incumbent Democrat in North Carolina.

NC         Mark Meadows     www.meadowsforcongress.com  Another NC opportunity for a pick up with this conservative Republican businessman.

NC         Dave Rouzer       www.davidrouzer.com     Legal Insurrection has this on Rouzer’s fight to unseat a Democrat incumbent legalinsurrection.com

NY        Ann Marie Buerkle   www.buerkleforcongress.com     The Madison project gave Buerkle an 86.5 score and an Honorable mention for her conservative votes in a Democrat district.  First elected in the 2010 Republican wave, she needs support to return and keep this seat in conservative hands.

KY        Andy Barr   andybarrforcongress.com  This seat should be a take away from a Democrat incumbent.

IA         John Archer archerforcongress.com  This competitive race could be a take away from an incumbent Democrat who attacked John Deere because Archer worked there.

IL         Joe Walsh  walshforcongress.com  This is an important race that the Democrats have targeted.  Walsh has an impressive 97% and Hall of Fame rating by the Madison Project for voting conservative.  His opponent Duckworth presents a sympathetic candidate to swing voters due to her disability and veteran status. Walsh needs financial support to help keep his seat a solid conservative vote.

FL        Daniel Webster    electwebster.com    He beat the vile Democrat Alan Grayson in 2010.  Due to redistricting Webster is running in the 10th district and has a slight money disadvantage.

FL       Karen Harrington   www.karenforcongress.com  Republican Karen Harrington has taken on the task of running against the obnoxious obfuscater Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  This race violates my rule since the Wasserman has a $2 million advantage, but OH the joy if Harrington could pull off an upset against a shameless dissembler.  If you have some mad money to donate on a long shot, why not here?

CO       Joe Coors   http://joecoors.com/     A 70 year old fed up businessman running against an entrenched incumbent in a swing state.  Coors has outspent Democrat Perlmutter almost 2:1, but in the closing days Coors hasn’t much cash on hand with Perlmutter having a $1 million cash advantage .  Again this race falls outside my screen, but I like it that a 70 year old conservative is ticked off enough and cares enough to try to evict Perlmutter.

Now four for the Senate:

MO         Todd Akin   www.akin.org  This man deserves your financial support; he won’t get it from the Republican establishment.  Sure he said a stupid thing, but he does not cast stupid votes!  Bottom line on his abortion views is that he is completely against it because he values life from conception regardless of parentage.  One can disagree, but his is a morally supportable position.  He apologized for saying women’s bodies shut down during rape to make insemination rare, but even in his blunder Akin never blamed victims of rape rather he only supported the unborn as innocents.  As for his record.  He is a very, very solid conservative.  He was one of only 66 Republicans in the House who stuck to their word and voted against the fake compromise on debt in August 2011.  He has an 88% rating by the Madison Project and is running against a Democrat that needs to go and who should go in conservative Missouri.

NE      Deb Fischer  debfischer2012.com  Winnable open seat, now held by retiring “Cornhusker Kickback” Democrat Nelson.  Fischer’s opponent is former Kansas Senator Kerrey who is being imported to run from New York State, his home for the past decade.

IN       Richard Mourdock  http://richardmourdock.com    Your money can make a difference here.  This is a chance to upgrade from RINO Lugar. but it would be a real setback if this becomes a Democrat pick up.

WI      Tommy Thompson   www.tommyforwisconsin.com   Its been a decade since Thonpson ran for office in Wisconsin.  That is ten years of new voters who have never seen Thompson on the ballot.  I think the Thompson campaign has been frankly lackadaisical and Dane County leftist Baldwin is being taken too much for granted.  Baldwin is an extremist with built in union support and a much bigger war chest than Thompson.  The departing Herb Kohl seat is very winnable, but more outreach to younger voters is needed for Thompson.

There are others of course, e.g. Josh Mandel in Ohio for the  Senate or Brendan Doherty in Rhode Island for Congress, but the above are my key choices to make a difference in the 2012 election through your donations.

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