2010 Illinois Governor was elected by under 35,000 votes & what it means for Romney

Here is the map.

A relatively unknown Republican from Bloomington running with a 28 year old running mate won all but four counties and lost by fewer than 35,000 votes.  Since then Democrat Governor Quinn has presided over tax increases, pension problems, union layoffs, and there has been a Chicago teachers strike.  Northern Illinois knows that Wisconsin is doing much better under the leadership of Republicans.  Romney/Ryan will win Illinois. Obama will carry no more than 4 counties. Private sector union members will defy Union leader’s and their lukewarm support of Obama by voting for Romney/Ryan and the hope of a better economy. This will be especially true for union members in the defense industry, construction equipment, mining, oil and gas industries (and yes there are 3200 coal mining jobs and over 4000 oil and gas jobs in illinois).

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