Rule of Law Dying in America

The US Supreme Court shows no restraint in assuming legislative power as evidenced by the DOMA strike down.
Activist mobs in Texas and Wisconsin interfere with the legislative process drowning out any civil discussion or civility in process.
Bondholder rights summarily taken away to enrich Unions in GM bankruptcy.
Congressmen trade stocks on companies in real time while they legislate laws that move the stock price.
Crony capitalists funnel money, mortgage deals, below market loans, real estate gifts and partnerships to Congressmen in exchange for legislative favors, or protection from unfavorable legislation.
Copyright is continually extended on existing copyrighted works, without any public interest in these extensions; Congressmen rewarded by corporate copyright holder cash.
The Federal Regulatory bureaucracy lies to Congress, takes the 5th, targets groups for special treatment based upon political views and gathers massive amounts of information from innocent citizens and journalists and their parents.
Secret courts are used to authorize invasions of privacy and sweeping data collection.
DNA collected by force.
Parental rights usurped by federal law created by tyrannical judges with respect to drugs and sex.
and on and on and on.
Citizen assets forceably taken and redistributed to non-citizen criminals who are freed of legal liability and given special status.
State laws to ensure free and fair elections interfered with by federal employees. Federal laws to ensure free and fair elections are selectively enforced.
The will of the majority is subverted again and again by an elite few in organizations that range from the judiciary at both federal & state levels to churches to non-profits like Boy Scouts,
Tocqueville, Madison and Franklin warned us.

and at the core, is sin. Greed, gluttony, anger, sloth, envy, lust, pride.

Serious people are needed to speak the truth to the free lunch crowd.
Serious people need to use prudence in discourse to speak the truth.
Serious people need to refrain from gotcha, or in kind, attacks.
Serious people, shining a light, with an unwavering hand,
to reveal truth to a people in need.
and those people in need, too often turn away lacking the courage to face truth.
Serious people need patience and humility and courage and fortitude.
Be steadfast. Don’t dwell on the death of law around you. Instead tend the dying with comfort and plant seeds where they may grow. Help one another. Do not turn from the political process, rather engage it. If you are able, shift your volunteer hours to help drain the political swamp. Attend local political party meetings and shine the light; be the light. Want better politicians. Become one; but better. Help give people a better choice. If we don’t, who will?

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