Obama’s White Guilt, “Civil Rights Leaders” & Lazy Journalists

Lazy and self-referential journalists are the only reason that in 2013 there are “civil rights leaders”. No conservative today is ever referenced as such. Instead today’s “civil rights leaders” are the self-enriching “poverty pimps”, their supporters for whom time has stopped in the 1960s, and the perpetually aggrieved. This last group sorrowfully have never grown into an adulthood of being productive citizens. They do not accept (and do not work to overcome) their own failures, but instead blame “whites” and belittle productive “black” citizens for “acting white”.
Ironically, the President, raised by leftists, a white mother and white grandparents, appears to fit the category of someone driven by “white guilt”. In his life “white guilt” may explain a lot.
Journalists should be challenged whenever they refer to any present day person as a “civil rights leader”. Who elected Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson “leader”? Or like communist regimes, where once the mantel is seized, a lazy, low information press lacks the honesty of a small boy who says the Emperor has no clothes?

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