The Gay A&Emperor has no clothes

Phil Robertson made a common sense statement about anatomy. Protected by monopoly practices in the cable industry, Hearst & Disney/ABC owned A&E tries to punish Mr. Robertson for his point of view. Robertson’s plain spoken statement, which is anatomically and psychologically correct from a normal male’s point of view, was expressed outside his A&E program. His opinion was in response to questions asked by interviewers. Then the vile bigots at Glaad went on their fascist march to shut up Mr. Robertson who dared question their preference for a rectum over a vagina. (I wonder if Rasmussen would ever dare poll emergency room nurses and doctors over the severity and number of injuries seen in admissions regarding consensual participation in these normal and abnormal sexual preferences.)
A&E responded to Glaad’s bigotry with hypocrisy, suspending Robertson,but not their lucrative program. Bytheir actions it is apparent that A&E has no love of freedom of speech and by extension neither does Hearst nor Disney/ABC. Disney is a crony capitalist company. Disney bought off Congress to extend existing copyrights for decades past their normal expiration date and did so not once, but twice. In return for these valuable copyright term extensions, the public received ZERO compensation, BUT Congressmen in what P.J. O’Rourke aptly calls a “Parliament of Whores” received campaign contributions.
As others have noted, a boycott against A&E is impractical unless you drop cable service because the cable services tend to be local monopolies that bundle together A&E with Fox, Nickelodeon, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, etc. Customers are typically denied the ability to buy only the channels that they want. In this way, low viewership and/or culture eroding leftist media is subsidized by people who given the option would not subscribe. Or in the instant case, A&E might suffer being dropped by millions of subscribers who otherwise wouldn’t drop cable because they want the sports, news, weather channels. Can you imagine if the print media were a similar monopoly where a Democrat socialist could only get her NY Times bundled with the Limbaugh Letter, Townhall, the Weekly Standard and the Washington Times?
Is now the time when a stirred up legislator in a Redstate will introduce a bill to ban cable bundling of programs in these state monopolies?

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