Democrats, Defend the Constitution, or Resign.

If you cannot fight for America; if you cannot speak out against your party’s despotism; resign.

Your President breaks the law.  He releases terrorists in exchange for a deserter, flaunting his contempt for Congress.

The Attorney General is a perjurer held in contempt.

Dozens upon dozens of Democrat scandals with major Administration Democrats lying repeatedly to the American people; Rice, Holder, Carney, Clinton, Clapper and not the least, the President of the United States.

Hear your Democrat co-enablers begin to talk; a faint echo of once held pride in country welling up; making even the timorous Democrat press begin to feel shame for their past cowardly actions.

Even the ACLU opposes the latest outrageous attack upon American rights; the Udall attempt to repeal the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.  Udall’s attempt is supported by dozens of despotic Democrats who hail from lawless regions of the country. These petty tyrants born in corrupt machine politic controlled one party cities and states draft in the wake of a Democrat Administration unrestrained by the rule of law.

Democrats have you no shame? Senator Manchin – Democrat, where do you stand?  And you Democrat Sen. Webb, does your Scottish heritage give you the guts to be honorable and outspoken in a political cesspool; how can you caucus with despots?

Personal attacks on the floor of the Senate by the unscrupulous Harry Reid. Scurrilous is not “zealous”.

Senator Feinstein have you no shame?  Do you remember so long ago when you were a little girl and took pride in our country?  Proud of our first amendment; proud of the Bill of Rights; respectful of the truth; perhaps a defender of justice; do you remember?

Who can trust you? Who can trust this administration? Who can trust the Democrat enablers in Congress? Who can trust the nepotistic, revolving door  press?

If you have no stomach to defend the Constitution; resign and go away.

Democrats –  Do the honorable thing.

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