Executive & Military Experience Needed for Next U.S. President

Since WWII only two Presidents have had zero military service.  Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama.  Obama also had zero executive experience.

After 8 years of mismanagement and the 3 o’clock calls being answered by Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton and Swift Boat Kerry.  We greatly need a President with executive experience and a Commander in Chief who served honorably in the military.  Very few of the potential 2016 Presidential candidates have executive experience either as VP or Governor or leading a large organization.  Zero have military experience except for one.

Here is the list of mentioned candidates with large organization executive experience: Democrats: Biden, VP of USA; Deval, Gov. of MA; Cuomo, Gov. of NY; O’Malley, Gov. of MD, Clinton, Sec. of State.  Republican: Christie, Gov. of NJ; Huckabee, Gov, of AR; Jindal, Gov. of LA; Perry, Gov. of TX; Rubio, Walker, Gov. of Wisconsin.  Note: As much as I like them (& I like them a lot), Carson, Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Ryan, all have zero experience running a large organization.

Here is the list of mentioned candidates having military experience: Perry.

Rick Perry besides being Governor of Texas, was a Captain in the US Air Force. Perry is the ONLY mentioned candidate with BOTH military experience and executive experience leading a large organization.

Here are the military ranks & Executive experience for U.S. Presidents since WWII:

Truman               Colonel – USAR, USA, Missouri National Guard, VP of USA

Eisenhower       General of the Army – USA (counts as both)

Kennedy             Lieutenant – USN, No executive experience

Johnson             Lieutenant Commander – USNR, VP of USA

Nixon                  Lieutenant Commander – USNR, VP of USA

Ford                    Lieutenant Commander – USNR, VP of USA

Carter                 Lieutenant – USN, Governor of Georgia

Reagan               Captain – USAAF, USAR, Governor of California

Bush                    Lieutenant – USNR, VP of USA

Clinton               NONE, Governor of Arkansas

Bush                     1st Lieutenant – Texas Air National Guard, Governor of Texas

Obama                  NONE, NONE

If you don’t think that both executive and military experience is needed; re-read the above list.  Military experience is no guarantee, but the lack of military  experience is very dangerous.

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